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Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)

Discussion in 'Role Play & Story Discussion' started by ZombieSplitter53, Apr 9, 2017.

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    Feb 5, 2015
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    Black0ut & Frostlich1228
    A Duel Between Monsters

    Havenbrook Manor

    12:45 p.m.

    The state of the busy traffic going in and out of the Havenbrook manor was made more chaotic as a certain wolf Thrope roamed restlessly, asking after Kva and her whereabouts. After spending an hour looking, and still not finding the stoic Hunter, she returned to the training ground to her somewhat more natural job as one of the de facto training instructors for the Newly-fledged Guild members.

    There she saw Kva make her way out of the forest, stretching and heading towards the Manor.
    Quickly passing her duties and charges off to another trainer she strode purposefully towards the woman, a look of determination on her face.

    Noting this, the Death Priest stopped, casually glancing to the side towards the Wolf Thrope.
    Titania stopped short, eyeing the warrior. "I hear you're a warrior to be feared, even to be shown respect from tough veterans like Eraqus. So, naturally..." The Thrope started, tossing one of her daggers at the Elf's feet, "A challenge is in order."

    The other hunters in the courtyard looked onward as Kva looked down at the dagger. "This is sudden... You know I do open sparring every other day, why not wait until then...?"

    Titania shrugged noncommittally, "Probably cause I'm impatient. Somewhat because you handily defeated a friend of mine. But mostly because I keep hearing about you from second-hand stories." Titania explained, cracking her knuckles, "Most of them aren't even that credible, or even believable. I doubt your mask consumes the souls of your fallen opponents, and your rapier doesn't look like the kind that could obliterate entire cities."

    "Would it be so unlikely?" She chuckled lightly. "Very well. I accept your challenge."

    "Very well. That's how I would want it anyway." She said, turning to face her and readying her Rapier, keeping her whip behind her back.

    Titania held up her hand, chuckling at the other woman's readiness. "As much as I'd like to fight you here... well, we can't properly fight here, not when weaker Hunters and staff are at risk. Forest?"

    "Very well, If you can't restrain yourself well enough, I suppose we can fight alone." Kva shrugged, replying with disinterest.

    "It's more about seeing you at your best rather than my own control." Titania replied, shrugging noncommittally, "Of course, if you'd rather have a less passionate battle, by all means, we can stay and fight here."

    "I honestly don't care. If you want to fight in the woods, then so be it." She rolled her eyes under her helmet.

    "Maybe the moody bit was right..." Titania muttered under her breath before walking past the fencer. She didn't stop to see if the woman had followed her or not, instead unsheathing her two swords to double check to see if the blades were fit for a bit of sparring.

    Kva had indeed followed, checking the straps on her armor and her helmet as she walked.
    Hearing the woman's steps, Titania sheathed her swords. "So... where are you from? Helvan? Themosa? Or somewhere small and out of the way?"

    "Virando. A town called Sissetta. You've likely not heard of it, and if you have, it's for its graveyard." She explained, cracking her neck.

    "I'll have to see it sometime. Hopefully, I'm well enough within a few nights to make a trek there." Titania cheerily said, before looking back at the slow progress. "I'm sorry to do this... but this is taking too long." The Thrope suddenly turned around, reaching for the Elven woman legs and back.

    Kva instinctively jumped backwards, readying her rapier.

    Titania took off with a sigh, seemingly disappearing before the elf fell backwards, but continued moving as though something picked her up. With another sigh, Titania merely asked, "You think I'm that much of a despicable person that I'd attack you without notice?"

    "I don't know you. I don't know what you would or wouldn't do. It's merely caution. Next time tell someone what you're going to do before they feel the need to take your head off." She lectured the Thrope, brushing herself off.

    Titania rolled her eyes, muttering something under her breath, before speaking louder. "You wouldn't have unless I drew my steel as well. Otherwise, you would have lashed out and killed me when I first picked you up."

    "You don't know anything about me. What you did was not even foolish, it was stupid." Kva glared through her helm. "Let's get this over with."

    "Gods, you're bitchy. Fine. Give me a second to set you down, even though I should toss you into a tree." Titania replied, one of her eyes becoming somewhat feral. She slowed to a stop and placed the Elven woman down. Unsheathing her blades, the Thrope started to walk around Kva, gauging the priest's form for any hints at an attack. started to walk around Kva, gauging the priest's form for any hints at an attack.

    Placing her whip arm behind her to make it less of a target the Fencer pointed her rapier forward, circling parallel to the Thrope, waiting patiently.

    Titania continued her circling, trying to flush out her opponent's secondary attack. Her keen eyes roamed over her body while her mind recalled all the details she knew. After recalling some of the rumors that seemed legitimate, she taunted loudly, "So... are you bitchy by nature or is it because you chose a useless god to worship?"

    This made Kva merely laugh, however. "Your jeering is like a child. I wonder if you keep company with that dragon, you seem to have much in common with your temper tantrums."

    "And you're any better? I think you have a skewed, arrogant view of yourself... you remind me too much of all the stereotypical Elf types I've seen." Titania retorted, pointing her shortsword at Kva, "Just as well, considering your frigid coldness towards everyone. May your god never save your soul."
    "I was trying to warn you of your foolish actions. If you see fit to ignore my advice by using a thinly veiled arrogance argument as a defense, does that not make you the arrogant one? Unwilling to accept words of wisdom?" She pointed out, stepping forward with her blade. "And need I remind you, you came to me for this duel. I have no need to prove anything to you."

    Titania lunged forward attempting to knock Kva's rapier from her hand with her shortsword, while her longsword was thrusted at the woman's chest.

    Predicting the lunge, Kva expertly sidestepped and quickly aimed a slash of her sword for her leg.

    Titania jumped back, the rapier cutting the leather but not quite reaching skin. With a grin, Titania went on the offensive, willing to receive damage but not yet willing to die. The flurry of blows was meant to distract the Elven warrior from the foot that blurred towards her with lethal intent.

    Kva played it safe, backing up, using her rapier to parry her longsword while staying just far enough away so that her shortsword couldn't reach her.

    Titania smiled and backed off. Circling around the woman, she offered a laugh. "I daresay you have my skill with the blade. Probably even more so... since you're holding back."

    "Proper spacing is key in any fight. If you can be in range of your weapon while out of your opponents, you are at a huge advantage." Kva stated, lowering her gaze and moving forward, going on the offensive and throwing out a number of lightning-fast rapier thrusts. She then suddenly jumped back, pulling her whip out from behind her and sending it towards Titania in a wide arc from her left side.

    The rapier attacks were hurriedly deflected, save for one that cut her left arm open, due to Titania's still great speed, but the lash bled further into Titania's arm, causing her to drop her shortsword. The sudden damage caused the Thrope to become fully feral, her attacks with her longsword and injured claw losing the finesse they had in exchange for powerful physical strength.

    Smirking under her helmet, Kva was confident she had her where she wanted. The Death Priest returned to her defensive stance, her rapier glowing after the strike on Titania's arm; she then tilted the weapon upwards twice in a taunting 'come and get me' manner.

    The wolf Thrope smiled as well, as her body began to blur with the speed she had been building up before she thrusted her sword forward at lightning speed, the more sane part of her mind cringing in horror at what was to come.

    Kva seemed like she had some trouble reacting to it, unlike before, however, the Thrope went for another predictable thrust, which the Death Priest expected. Kva dodged by jumping off the ground, then off a nearby tree, pushing herself away from it and back towards Titania in one fluid motion, going for a slash once more aimed at her legs.

    Kva found the Thrope's longsword was only able to deflect the blade somewhat, a small slice still hitting her leg as a dagger moved forward to punch through the still-moving Kva.
    Suddenly, the Fencer turned into a cloud of smoke, passing around Titania. She then rematerialized behind her, her spiked whip wrapped around the Wolf's Neck.
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    Feb 5, 2015
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    A Duel Between Monsters, pt. 2

    With the whip digging into her throat, Titania knew if she spoke she would run the risk of opening an artery. Regardless, she tried, croaking out, "Fancy... moves... but... not... magic... I... think."

    "Do you yield?" She asked simply, a small trickle of blood running down the Wolf's neck.

    "Not... till... you... tell... me... how." Titania struggled to say, flipping her dagger so the blade was in her hand.

    "Dark Magic." She stated unamused, "You never said no magic."

    Titania tossed the dagger back, trying to force the other warrior to release her so she could breathe.

    Kva quickly leaped off of Titania's back, being forced to leave her Whip around her throat due to the suddenness of the desperate attack.

    Pulling the whip off her throat, Titania took a deep, rattling breath, one riddled with coughs. "Gods... do you have a dom fetish or something? 'Cause I think choking someone out has something to do with that..." Titania replied in a raspy voice, rubbing her throat as she put up her longsword.

    "It's for monster slaying." The Elf sighed, readying her ten-foot again. "What? Not going to rage again this time?"

    "After you choked me out for it? Not even a little bit. Sorry, but your dom kink is not my style." Titania chuckled, as she walked backwards a few steps to stay out of Kva's range.

    "Someone's learning," Kva replied snarkily, putting her foot forward and throwing out two thrusts before backing up again.

    Titania parried the blows wearily, but successfully. "Maybe... or maybe you're getting too flustered to actually fight me effectively." Titania shot back, backing up some more.

    Kva accepted her challenge, placing her rapier against the side of her longsword, locking them together. Instead of attacking traditionally, however, Kva quickly slid her rapier under Titania's sword horizontally, grabbing the blade with her other hand and pushing her sword up while going for a kick to her stomach.

    The Thrope coughed, the blow nearly knocking her concentration away. She quickly moved forward and grappled the Elf, knowing the Elf would more than likely escape her grasp.

    Instead, Kva kicked her leg out from under her, attempting to roll Titania over her shoulders and use her own weight to deliver a takedown.

    The takedown worked, knocking the warrior to the ground, but only gave the Thrope access to the Elven warrior's legs. Titania used one hand to swipe at Kva's legs to bring her down and used the other to grab the Elf's leather armor to try to help pull her down.

    The Elf took a hard fall to the ground, losing air. The Priest took little time to relax, however, hopping up on top of Titania and trying to deliver hard punches towards her head and abdomen.

    Titania raised her arms to block the blows, grinning under the assault. "You sure like to have the upper hand in a lot of things..." Titania half-heartedly taunted, as she tried to roll the Death Priestess over so she could end the torrent of blows.

    As Kva was rolled over, she grabbed a hold of Titania's arm, twisting it while using her flexibility to bring her leg up and press her thigh against The Wolf's throat, putting her into a painful arm lock.

    The Thrope winced but kept her grin. "You've given me a better fight than most people I come across, but you do realize I can bite you, right? I'm not going to... but I could." Titania said warningly, using her free hand to try to grab Kva's helm and pull upwards.

    Kva growled when she tried to go for her helmet, moving her leg up farther and placing her foot against her throat instead, choking her and threatening to dislocate her arm as Kva straightened her leg. From this position, Titania's arm couldn't really do much as it wasn't long enough to reach the helmet anymore. "Don't... Touch The Mask."

    "You going to... kill me for it?" Titania rasped out, as she finally grabbed the mask and pulled up.
    Kva's face was revealed, thankfully for her, however, only thin lines of sunlight came through the trees. However, she felt she was in enough danger to break off the hold, quickly turning to smoke and snatching the mask out of her hand as she reformed above her. The Fencer quickly placed the mask back on, picking up the rapier she had dropped.

    Titania tilted her head and frowned. "So what now? I already have spent most of my energy, yet I doubt that you'll really care or be so lenient as to let me go."

    Without saying a word, Kva walked past Titania wordlessly, picking up her whip along the way while heading back in the direction of the Manor.

    After she got up, Titania followed the taller woman, sighing. "I'm sorry that I lifted your mask to see your face. I haven't found many people that can match me or even beat me. I don't know who you are, Kva, and frankly, no one does." She ran ahead, stopping in front of Kva. "But Godsdamn it if I'm going to let someone who can outfight me, offers advice mid-combat, and is actually decent enough to not even attempt to hurt me when I'm downed, stay pissed off at me, even if she has a strange aversion to having her helm remove and is covered in black leather."

    She scoffed. "You didn't seem to have trouble hating me."

    "There's a difference between taunting you so you'll attack and actually hating you. But assuming I did, why wouldn't I have been faster at the start rather than the end of the fight? Wouldn't I have just disappeared in a flash and tried slashing you while you couldn't see me?" Titania argued, holding out her arms slowly in a tired attempt to block Kva from passing.

    "You assume I have no way of dealing with such a thing..." She sighed, "Besides, even if you could kill me, you would be removed from the Guild."

    "You think if I hated you as much as you think I do, that I'd challenge you publicly, or let it be known that I was looking for you? Even though I can become an animal, it doesn't mean I fully act like it, or am that cunning to plan it that way." Titania groaned, rubbing her temples gently, "Look... I don't hate you. I'd rather have you as a friend. Mainly because you're actually someone who I could call an equal or even superior with your blade work. And the other reason is..."

    Titania's eyes fluttered for a moment as she seemed to struggle to remain standing. "Dammit... I think you got me a little too well." Walking over to a tree, she leaned against it, finally looking at the Elven woman. "If you want to leave, go ahead. I'm far too tired to keep arguing with you."

    "Then why go for my mask? Did you just not know?" Kva turned around, walking towards her.

    "No one knows for sure. Just... wanted to see I suppose." Titania murmured, slumping down the tree. "Still wasn't right of me. I should've asked... even though my words don't mean much, sorry."

    Kva sighed, walked over and picking her up, carrying the Wolf over her shoulders as she started walking towards the manor again.

    "Didn't you despise me a few minutes ago? Why the sudden change of heart?" Titania murmured, her eyes closing as she accepted her current situation.
    You convinced me. Besides, I'd rather not have you bleed out in the woods." Kva looked up at her as she walked.

    "Or maybe you are actually kind and act stoic so people can't hurt you," Titania replied softly, cracking an eye to see Kva's reaction to her words.

    She couldn't see much through the mask, but Kva did look off to the side. "I'm really not. Honestly, I'm world-weary, makes me seem jaded and cold to a lot of people. Besides, in my religion, quiet contemplation was very often your day to day. Stoicism was common."

    "I see. Yet... if you weren't kind, you'd have left me. Not many people can stomach being insulted, then rescue the person they hated minutes ago. Takes a lot of compassion and kindness." Titania argued, her face, even with a smile on it paling out a fair degree.

    "I also owe it to you for putting my crotch in your face. Although you could have been enjoying it, didn't you say something about eating me?" Kva snarked, her melancholy tone breaking.

    Titania managed a low chuckle, "Yeah, I suppose I did say something like that. But I don't think you minded it. After all, you seemed perfectly fine with grappling with me, even though you could've escaped anytime." Titania retorted, her eye turning to stare at the gash in her left arm.

    "I don't like using my mist unless I have to. Using it as a crutch will make me a worse fighter." Kva stated, noting her stare, she put Titania down against a tree. The Elf quickly reached into her back pocket, pulling out a roll of bandages. "This will help you reach the Manor. I'll apply it for you."

    "Thank you." The wolf Thrope rolled her head up to stare at Kva, her eyes half-lidded, "So... what brings a kind-hearted woman like yourself to Serasam? There must be a reason why- ah, shit..." Titania closed her eyes, her head drifting downwards.

    Kva sighed heavily again, applying the bandages around her wounds, then picking her back up. Now that no one was technically watching, Kva took full advantage of her Vampire speed, moving through the forest so rapidly that the Manor returned to sight within just a few minutes.

    The Other Hunters watched Kva bring the Thrope towards the Manor, whispering to each other.

    "Damn, she really did a number on her..."

    "Honestly, challenging her like that was stupid..."

    "Getting her mad even more, that woman's a monster... I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole..."

    "Even then, I'd evacuate my home and change my name... Just to be sure..."

    "Creepy bitch..."

    "Shh! Don't let her hear you!"

    This kept up even as she reached the door, walking towards the Medical Area with the Wolf. "Hey... You awake?"

    "Barely. What happened?" Titania groaned, her eyes opening to see where she was.
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    A Duel Between Monsters, pt. 3

    "We're back at the manor. I'd ask you if you wanted me to take you in but... Everyone already saw you. Sorry..." Kva said, standing in front of the medical area door now.

    "It's okay. They can say whatever they want to about me, like they already have been doing. I'm more concerned with the rumors and lies they'll spread about you." She shook her head slowly, "You should be better known for who you are rather than be feared for what you can do."

    "I'm used to it, it doesn't matter... People already tend to avoid the creepy masked woman and spread rumors... That's why I prefer my solitude." Kva explained, "I've spent hundreds of years alone. Just me and my faith."

    "You're not creepy. At least, not to me." Titania assured, offering a big smile that dipped into a grimace as she sat up in the bed. "I'll make sure to get those assholes to stop. It's the least I can do for you..." The Thrope started to lean haphazardly towards the edge of her bed, only stopping her descent with her injured arm.

    "Please. I really am used to it. You don't have to." Kva reiterated, holding up a hand.

    "I'm stubborn, reckless and protective of people who I owe a lot to. If you think I'm going to drop it, you'll be sorely mistaken. Besides, no one wants to be called names behind their back, but I'll be damned if I let someone that bested me and then saved me, be insulted because people choose to see her as a monster. Fuck that." Titania growled, swinging her legs over the bed's edge. She stood for a moment before kneeling on the ground with the lack of strength she had, her eyes fierce and full of the fire they usually had.

    It was at that moment Kva actually laughed, sounding almost cute, not hollow and lifeless. "Get back in bed idiot. You really are stupid... You know that? Helping the one that stabbed you..."

    Titania blushed, looking away for a moment, before returning her gaze to Kva once more. "Because she's one of the most decent people I've met? Yeah, I wonder why I'd help that." Titania sarcastically replied, as she grabbed a nearby bed to get back up but not to lay down. Instead, she moved closer to the exit and, coincidentally, Kva.

    Kva noted the redness in Titania's cheeks, causing her to become quiet. After a moment, she said, "You know... They're not entirely wrong... I may be more of a monster that you think I am... Are you... Okay, with that?"

    "I'm a wolf Thrope with a battle rage, who has torn people apart with her bare hands. I may surprise you with what I'm okay with." Titania replied slowly, finally reaching the door. "After all, no one truly is a monster if they're heart is pure." She took a few steps back and proceeded to lean against the wall.

    Kva looked down for a moment, then back up at her. "It's been hundreds of years since someone has been this accepting of me... Thank you."

    Titania waved her hand as if to brush the gratitude away but smiled anyway, "It's nothing. It just took me a bit to see who you were." Titania replied, before quickly adding, "I think that when you fight you learn more about someone than they might let on. You're stronger than me, have half my speed, and far more skill than I possess. Yet you held back for most of the fight, and let me have my delusions of possibly beating you. That told me all I needed to know about you." She winced, as the pain started to become intense, opening the door she gestured out.

    "I'll... Come and see how you're doing later." The Death Priest replied, a hint of joy in her voice as she looked out into the hall. "And... I read you as being passionate, strong, and determined... If just a little bit stubborn and reckless..."

    "Yeah... those two flaws won't go away, I'm afraid. Jay, my friend, already tried and failed, so I doubt you'd have much more success than him. But you're welcome to try." Leaning a bit forward, she whispered, "Besides, I'm about to be both stubborn and reckless by limping back to my room." Winking at the elven warrior, Titania slowly moved out into the hallway, heading in

    the direction of her room with the aid of the walls for support.

    Kva walked up beside her, placing an arm around her waist, taking some of her weight off her legs. "If they won't go away, I guess I'll have to work with them then."

    Titania chuckled, a slight twinkle in her different colored eyes. "An admirable and noble thing to say. I'd say it fits you, Kva... and I hate to change the subject, but you never really answered my question. There are far nicer places to go and eke out an existence... why choose Serasam?"

    "I told Ms. Havenbrook that I only came here to kill monsters, to please Taydar... But... In all honesty, that was only a half-truth..." Kva said, looking at her. "There was a time when I wanted to help people, to make their lives better... I didn't see then that the world is cruel and terrible and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't change that... There would always be another monster, another demon, another bandit... And that person I saved would still die another way... I thought If I couldn't help them in this world... Then I would at least guide and ease them into the next, maybe I could even give them another day... I couldn't see a reason to continue in this world, so I would make the sacrifice of staying, so I could pass others on to somewhere better."

    The Elf's voice turned hopeless. "That's why I'm here... I've seen this world make a lot of monsters and even more corpses... I'm Jaded Titania... And It all started with a single little girl..."

    "But even after all that... I can't stop myself... I risked my life to save Erin, the Head Witch, because I knew how happy she was with that Fly... They found real happiness in a world full of pain, how could I sit by and let that die so easily? I truly am a fool... I can't even follow my own logic or ideals..." The Fencer chuckled grimly. "As for why I came here specifically... It just seemed like it had the most reach, could affect the most places... I don't know..."

    The wolf Thrope stopped, and hugged Kva, her grip frail. "I know this world is bad, and I know it feels like you can't make a change, but you do. You make impacts on everyone you meet and have made this world a less grim place. But the one person who you haven't saved is yourself." Titania said somewhat wisely, looking up at the taller woman, "I don't know what happened in your past, but you can't let it drag you down. Shit happens and the world is very keen to make that aware to everyone. I know we only know each other through the crucible of battle, but promise me that you'll stop punishing yourself.

    "I'll... Do what I can..." Kva replied, the hug catching her off guard. "I'm... Happy I met you..."

    "And I'm happy to have met you, Kva." The Thrope replied, offering a small smile. She held the hug for a moment or two, before letting go and haphazardly falling towards the wall.

    "Come on." The Priest said, wrapping her arm around her again. "Let's get you to bed."

    "I... ah, fine. I'm too injured to argue anymore with you anyways." Titania grumbled lightheartedly, as she led them towards her room.

    For awhile, Titania made small talk with the Death Priest, but as they slowly approached her door, her tone became serious. "I don't mean to sound rude or ungrateful when I say this, but... why the change of heart? I know you said I convinced you, but I was terrible. Horrible to you for the sake of taunting you into using your full strength against me. So... why?"

    "Like I said, I couldn't just leave you in the woods, I did this to you... You also actually took my advice in the fight, but those are just superficial things." Kva answered, walking into the room with her. "I guess it started when you called me kind... Up until recently, it had been awhile since anyone would even approach me to talk, let alone be open-minded enough to look deeper than that. You were even willing to comfort me... I find your acceptance and empathy endearing, I suppose."

    Titania shook her head. "I treated you like any person should. Treating you like I'm above you or making you out to be a monster is unforgivable. Besides," Titania murmured, looking away, "most people wouldn't have held back like you did. I should've lost with the first exchange of blows... and I would've been far more injured than I am now, had you been a bit more serious."

    "I'll be honest... You did well, you are among only a few here that have forced me to use my mist. I made a mistake jumping on you, it was too risky. Perhaps maybe your goating did affect me, although I wouldn't admit it to you." Kva moved her over to the bed as they spoke: a light-hearted tone in her voice. "And while I'm being honest... I hold back my other powers not to keep people safe, but to keep them hidden. It's better people not know what I am fully capable of, lest they ask too many questions."

    Titania flopped onto her bed with an audible hiss, and waited for a few moments before turning her head, "So... what I'm doing, in essence, albeit nicely?"

    She nodded after a moment. "Precisely. I don't mind answering because you are listening because you seem to care, not fishing for ammunition against me like all the rest."

    Titania was thoughtful for a moment before she took the straps off her armor, and removed her shirt, slowly as her arms were still damaged. Up and down her torso were various scars of different sizes, some being larger than others. With a considerable amount of willpower, she sat up once more and tossed her shirt into a corner. "I know what it's like to be misunderstood for what you can do. I have three scars as proof of that lesson. People either like me or hate me when they meet me, and having claws for hands and feet seems to put more people in the hate camp. So... I understand somewhat. But even so... I don't see how it can be ammunition against you."
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    A Duel Between Monsters , pt. 4

    Kva sat down next to her silently for a moment, considering something carefully. After some deliberation the Fencer unholstered her signature rapier, still glowing from the blood it had absorbed from the wolf Thrope during their fight.

    Running her hand over it, the blood was pulled out of the sword, coalescing into a ball of blood that floated effortlessly above Kva's hand. She then created various shapes with the orb, ranging from a small dagger, to Stormrend Shuriken, to even sturdily designed gauntlet.

    Titania watched with interest, finding the whole thing fascinating. "That's impressive, and I can imagine those blood shapes can be used as real weapons. But why show me this?" She asked softly.

    "Because I... I guess I trust you not to go to Ms. Havenbrook and tell her I'm some kind of blood witch..." Kva answered, placing her blade through the orb and allowing it to drink it up again.
    "Or blackmail me using a similar threat."

    "Glad to know that I have your trust. And no, when it comes to revealing secrets of others, I'd rather put my sword through my heart." Titania replied, still watching the sword interacting with the blood. "Besides, telling someone would only hurt you more, and I refuse to do that with one of the more compassionate people I know, even if I've only known her for a day."

    "You know... I have a decent amount of experience with wound care, comes with the territory. Nothing extremely advanced, just bandages, stitching, some knowledge of medicinal herbs." She brought up, looking over Titania's wounds. "I know you won't want my help, but I can teach you how to do it yourself if you prefer."

    "I'd be a fool to not accept your offer. Would've probably helped ages ago when I was run through by a sword..." Titania murmured, an unpleasant memory flashing through her mind. She struggled to think else to say to avoid thinking of her past, and blurted out, "S-so why did you grapple with me? Earlier, when we were fighting." Brilliant thing to say, Titania. Why don't you just put up a sign on your forehead that says 'fucking idiot', and jump into a lake of monster. My face is probably bright red...

    Kva just titled her head. "We were fighting? You pulled me to the ground, long blades aren't exactly so good there."

    "Or... Are you asking why I put you in that particular hold...?" The Elf almost teased, noting a little red in her face.

    "P-perhaps the latter question." Titania murmured once more, her embarrassment causing her to be more formal. She looked away, trying her best to hide her blush from Kva but was failing miserably.

    "Well, it's supposed to smother the opponent while stretching out the arm, from there you can choose to dislocate the arm if you wish, or simply apply more pain." Kva tutored professionally, however, that act was quickly dropped. "Why? Were you perhaps enjoying it? Are we a bit of a masochist?"

    "N-no. I-I was..." Titania stammered nervously, as she tried to calm herself down, "I-I enjoyed the fight, but it seemed... rather lewd is all." Titania's posh noble accent slightly came through her words as Kva's words.

    "If I knew you got flustered this easily I would've made full use of it during on fight." Kva chuckled. "You are a unique woman, you know, you've only ever seen my face for a moment."

    "T-that may be true, but if you recall in our fight, I hardly knew anything about you, besides the fact that you had a bladed dom whip, and very little else. You're practically a ghost when it comes to information about you. Why wouldn't I be a tad curious of a woman who can best me by blades, hides herself so others can't get to know her, and is one of the few people to get me flustered?"

    "If you're so curious then ask away." Kva offered, leaning back.

    "How old are you, and why are you so... tall?" Titania asked, turning her gaze back to Kva. "I mean, you're like a foot and some inches taller than me... I've never seen girls as tall as you."

    "I'm an Elf. We tend to be pretty tall, though, I am a little taller than most." Kva answered, crossing her legs. "As for age... I turned Three-Hundred Forty-Eight in June."

    "You don't look a day over twenty-five. But now that you've told me that, you should expect me to throw you a party, someday in June." Titania smiled, her posh accent becoming slightly thicker, "Why do you hide your face so often? I mean if people could see how pretty you look under your helm, you'd have suitors for miles."

    "It's part of my vows as a priest of Taydar. We wear masks over our faces and are only allowed to remove then when giving the dying or dead their rites." She elaborated, "There are a few exceptions. Like if they're removed by force or knocked off during battle. It's up to you whether or not you sleep in them. Its generally not frowned upon to remove them before bed, but I don't usually do it."

    "I see... okay, last question, and then... I'll answer anything you wish to know about me. Umm... actually... it's less of a question, and more of a favor." Titania began sheepishly, lowering her eyes for a few moments before mustering enough self-respect to look up at the taller woman.
    "You mind getting my weapons? They're... kinda just laying in a discarded heap where we fought. And if you can only get one could you get my longsword? It's kinda my last link to my family."

    "Right... I can, just get some rest." She stood up, walking over to the door. "I'll put your sword by your bed, for when you wake up."

    Titania nodded for a moment, only being conscious and moving due to her impressive will. "Alright... I appreciate it... but you have no questions for me? I thought you'd at least have one."

    "I do... I suppose they will be fine there for now..." She said out loud, walking back to her seat.
    "Question One... I think I'm picking up a royal accent, I've been around nobility once or twice in my day, are you a royal of some kind?"

    Titania hesitated, conflicted on whether or not to tell the Death Priest her secret. After a few seconds, she slowly nodded. "I am. Titania of House Regallis, at your service."

    "House Regallis? I definitely feel like I've heard that name before... What country are you from?" Kva continued asking.

    "Bevland, land of political intrigue and stupidity. Most of the nobles there are far too stuck up, except maybe the military Houses." Titania responded, a look of scorn and disgust on her face.

    "Most nobles are." She chuckled, "The Taydar priests say that everyone is equal in death. From the lowest beggar to the highest king. Thus, hoarding material wealth is meaningless. I tend to agree with that notion."

    "Me as well. But... my country likes to stay neutral even though we have places like Helvan not far from our borders. We watch and don't attack when we need to. The beauracrats are morons, the warriors are somewhat competent, and the spies are rumors." Titania rambled angrily, moving her injured arm up way too fast, causing her to grit her teeth and close her eyes in pain.

    "Speaking of... I've seen you around before with that Light Elf boy... Jay right? Sylvie's partner? You're close, aren't you? How did you two meet?" She continued before rubbing her neck, saying lightheartedly, "I think I may have just used all my questions."

    "I met him in Helvan." Titania said stonily, looking away with a pained look, "and if you know what Helvan is notorious for..."

    "I'm sorry... Did you... Free him? Or did you just use your money to buy him?" Kva asked, her cheerful tone dropping.

    "Money. By all rights, I am Jay's mistress and legal owner, but he's free to do what he wants. Y-you have no idea what... he looked like. A hollow face, dead eyes, and... a-and..." Titania tried to say, her eyes watering from the painful memory.

    "You saved him from a life of torture you know. If I didn't know you were a Hunter, I'd say you were a saint." Kva comforted her, placing a hand on hers. "People like you are a rare breed. Truly Selfless people."

    "I'm not a saint... because of me, someone ended up right where Jay was, except she hung herself out of despair." Titania practically whispered, her voice taking on a hopeless tone. "I'm as far from a saint as possible. Just a useless warrior with good intentions, but somehow always manages to fuck it all up anyways."

    "Didn't you tell me not to blame myself?" Kva pointed out. "You shouldn't blame yourself either. If you didn't do it, Jay would be in her place. As someone who has spent her life around death, I can promise you that she is somewhere better. Like you, I know how it feels to spend your life wondering what if... Even more so now. But you can't change the past, you can only affect the present. Do what you can for her now. Help people like Her and Jay."

    Titania wiped her eyes with her good arm as quickly as she could, before letting out a sigh. "Kinda hard when someone is constantly tracking you down throughout Terra Dolor so they can kill you."

    "Excuse me? Someone is hunting you? Who?" Kva grew serious, leaning forward.
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    A Duel Between Monsters, pt. 6

    "An Ophidian who is a bit better than me at swordplay, and has terrifying skill with the bow. He's a herbalist, who laces his blades with poison. And... he used to be a close friend. Koz is his name." Titania explained bitterly.

    "Poison... A cruel weapon..." Kva muttered, looking back up. "If he was close to you, why is he now trying to kill you?"

    "The one person I condemned to death, just so happened to have an older brother." Titania explained, as she let herself fall back into the bed and tried not to scream out of pain

    "So instead of going after the people who actually enslaved her, he's going after you?" She confirmed, shaking her head. "What a misguided fool... As if you were even at fault."

    "They're already dead, the slavers. I'm the last one he feels deserves 'divine retribution'. And if I'm right, he's already here. In the forests, around the manor." Titania smiled grimly, her eyes puffy and sad. "I don't think I have very long until he tries to kill me. Again."

    "Hmph... Divine Retribution? Incredible the lies and delusions one will convince themselves of to justify their actions..." She scoffed, moving her hand up Titania's arm. "I refuse to let this man kill you... And if you're right and he is out there, then he didn't take his chance after our fight to attack you... I think he may just be scared of me..."

    "So that means, as long as I stay close to you, he'll think twice about showing his face." Kva added, scooting her chair closer.

    "And what happens if you're not there and something happens to me?" Titania asked softly, shaking her head slowly, "You'll blame yourself, Kva, and I don't want to put you in that kind of a situation."

    "No. I'll blame myself more if I don't try." Kva said sternly, looking into her eyes. "I... "

    "What?" Titania asked, sitting up once more despite the growing pain of doing so.

    "What am I about to say...? I... I'm becoming too fond of you... I just met you today..." The Elf seemed flustered, which was extremely strange coming from the normally stone calm woman.

    "I'm sorry. My emotions are... getting out of hand. I'm not normally like this."

    "It's fine... besides, now I can tease you back." Titania replied, giving a cheeky grin.

    She sighed. "Very well. Although I can't say you'll have much success. Like I said, I'm not normally like this. I suppose being alone for three hundred years has caused me to have a social lapse..."

    Titania rolled her eyes, grinning goofily, "Riiight... Still doesn't help the universal fact that people who are flustered are extremely cute and beautiful."

    "I am not 'cute'." She protested.

    "Right... dark and menacing, was it? Still pretty cute. " Titania continued, realizing she had all the teasing ammo she could ever possibly need.

    "Whatever you say, get to sleep poodle. I'll keep an eye on you." Kva scooted so the back of the chair was against the wall, crossing her arms.

    "You can insult me all you want, it only makes you cuter." Titania retorted, lying back down. "Jay sometimes sleeps in here, so he may come in." Yawning loudly and then wincing afterward,
    Titania began to drift off into a fitful sleep.

    Kva looked at her falling into sleep, a slight smile forming under her mask. "Good night... I'll see you in the morning..."
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    The fallowing is a colaberation between Dhalexpert&Zombiesplitter53

    The great raid/betrayal

    Alice Castle
    Aug,31 3349
    Alice room

    Alice looked at her ax."Hum, it's been a while since I used you. I haven't used you since i drove you into that bitch and you drunk a small bit of her blood, but today I will drown you in it." Her door opened and Crixus poped his head in.

    "Boss everybody is ready."

    "Great give me a few minutes." Crixus bowed his head and left the room. "Seclevar,Are you watching me right now?"

    The god of mischief appeared, a worried look on his face. "Yeah, I'm here."

    "Great, did you do manage to get you know who on to watch my raid today?"

    He nodded. "She'll be watching. With Themosa in an uproar, it wasn't easy to draw he attention away, you know?"

    Alice rubbed Seclevar cheek. "I know it wasn't,and i'm glade to see that your unharmed. For now I better get to my men and give a speech to encourage my man."

    "You know... I can only get you in and out, right? I can't help you directly."

    "That's the point, that's all I need you and your mother to do today. " Alice kissed the gods cheek."Don't worry I will be fine now then we better get ready."

    Seclavar nodded, stepping to the side for her.

    As Alice and Seclavar went to the balcony Alice looked at her dining hall and the army she made.” Gents listen up, this is not us attacking a small lightly defended village, or ambushing some small caravan. This will be us attacking a hole city! This is the largest raid ever attempted by any bandit group, the first of many in our future war. But to day we will earn riches that lower bosses dream about, today we will make bandit history, today the world will cry, scream, and panic under the mighty heel of the war song!”

    Everyone cheared, especially her two brainwashed followers. Only Rumi looked hesitant, but didn't show it to the others.

    "Never has I seen a better the guards men of kings and queens been so loyal. Now my to my leaders allow me to tell you your jobs." Alice pointed to her map witch she layed out. "Gravel, Wulfrik your job will be to ran sack the arena and take there gladiators and have them join us. Also reaper will be teleporting you into famous houses that train gladiators, ransack these houses and burn them too the ground. Take everything that is not nailed down and bring there slaves to me kill there guards, and the owner of the house. Beat them senseless and drag there lifeless bodes here."

    "Beat the rich, save the poor, recruit the strong." Gravel pounded a fist into his palm. "Sounds like fun."

    Wulfrik nodes his head."It would be good to get my brothers out of that hell hole, there days of fighting and dying for entertainment." Wulfrik squeezed his sword. "It will be a great pleasure to get them out of there."

    Alice looked at Rumi." Rumi my dear third in command, dew to your success of raiding the slave ship and keeping Marlee Gravel and Alagor from killing each other. I will leave you in charge of a important job. I leave you in command of my ship my most cherished vessel and some men to run it, you will be in charge of ransacking there ship yards. Not only are the ore that we look to take is there ready to be transported, but also food water, alcohol,potions and other things that we could trade. Such as sugar salt and certain spices, there will also be some slaves being transported form ships as well. Your job will be to ransack it and strip it of all it's materials, also if you do free enough slaves take some of the extra ships in the shipyard. Not only to store all the things to take but Also for Gravel and Wulfrik if there help."

    "Alright," she said reluctantly. "I can pilot a ship to an extent. Just make sure you send a couple more men who can two for the captured ships. I recommend disposing of them once we sail them home and take off the cargo. More then one ship will draw attention to us."

    Alice nodded her head. "Now as fore everyone else, the bulk of our forces will go after there mine." Alice pointed at the map. "This mine is miles long filled with thousands of slaves an guards this is were we will all attack, Crixus Satako Lorisia Marlee this is were we will be. Our main objective is to strip the mine of all it's resources, now the slaves let them go and escape. This place will be heavily guarded it's there most treasured area so I hope you all are ready for a fight."

    Marlee quickly stepped forward and bowed her head. "I will make sure the operation goes without a hitch. And do not worry about yourself. I will gladly cut down anyone foolish enough to come near you."

    Alice smiled at Marlee enthusiasm. “Excellent." Alice looked at Alagor. "Ah Alagor I have more of a reward for you, I want you to go after there treasure. Rob it blind, I recommend that you knock out everyone there. And take them for your own personal experiments."

    He bowed his head. "Do I have permission to raid their labs?"

    Alice shrugged her shoulders. “Go ahead, hell take their scientist to for all I care. This is your reward so go nuts."

    "Excellent." The alchemist steepled his fingers. "I will not let you down."

    "Good now then it's about time we got things started Lorica get to your monsters were going to need them, pluse i'm sure they need a good feeding."

    Lorica smiled."Good my Worgs and bears and tigers could use a good meal, I'll go tend to them."

    Alice smile."Good Rumi I need to speak to you."

    The young woman nodded, walking to the side. "Yes, Alice?"
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    Part 2
    Once away from the others Alice turned to Rumi."If you have something you want to say or some burdens say it now, or swallow it and move on."

    Rumi took a deep breath. "You might not have a problem with killing innocents... but i do..."

    "Rumi this is war and were raiders this is what we do, besides were also freeing slaves. So unless you have millions of coins to purchase them, you have a better plan. Or do I kill of the slaves as well?"

    "Don't you try and blackmail me!" Rumi clenched her fists tightly. After a few moments, she took a deep breath. "I... I will do my job. Your sister has ordered me to do as much."

    "Do not make me turn you into a thrall again, I give you your free will because I think you deserve it and you will fall in line do not make me regret it. I don't need another betrail.

    Rumi scoffed. "Don't talk to me about betrayal. Now... I said I will do my job. Either believe me so we can go get this over with, or get your witch doctor to pollute my mind like the others."

    "You are my thrall, you and Crixus are my first ever thralls and I will treat you both with respect, now then let's get moving we been here to long we have a long day ahead of us." Alice started to walk down the hall way."

    Rumi let out a long sigh and followed after.

    Seclavar was waiting when Alice returned. "You Reaper can handle short distances with a few people, but you'll need me to get everyone in... and everyone out. Are your people ready to go?"

    Alice nodded her head. "I will make this clear, we will lose people here but no this. I could not be more proud of the people that decided to fallow me. Wulfric Gravel your up first, be care full. Rumi get to the ship and be careful who knows what other ships will attack you."

    "Everyone going by sea, with me!" Rumi shouted, jumping down from the balcony and making her way to the back.

    Gravel hoisted up his horse slayer and walked towards Seclavar's portal. He grinned at Alice. "Like old times, huh? Let's mow down all that stand before us and stand victorious as usual."

    "As usual, Good luck with the arena. Reaper take them send them to the Arena." A portal opened in front of the two men." Let's get this raid started!" Wulfric said and maid his way to the portal.

    Gravel and the Reaper followed. Marlee stepped up to Alice. "Our turn?" she asked eagerly. Since her brainwashing, she had been the same irritable, agitated, strong willed woman with everyone, save for Alice who she treated like the popular girl at school she was desperately trying to impress. "Those soldiers won't stand a chance against us. A-all of us, I mean, of course."

    "Relax Marlee."Alice rubbed her head. "Confidence is great but stay focused, we must get to that mine and deplete it completely."

    Satako looked at Marlee."I look forward to working with you this time Marlee."

    Marlee glanced over. "Just don't get in my way, and don't expect me to watch your back. You're a big girl. You can take care of yourself."

    "Marlee were all comrades everyone will watch each others back understood?"

    Crixus steeped forward." Let's get this over with, it's been a while since we had a big fight."

    Lorica started to jump with joy."Yea come on I want my beast to start eating those helpless guards, and I can't wait to start choping them up."

    Seclavar sighed, and opened the portal. "Good luck. And try not to do anything more reckless then you already have planned."

    “No promises but we’ll try.” Alice and her men went through the portal, on the other side there was a large mountain that looked like it went for miles.” We’re here, Marlee you and I will scout ahead.”

    Marlee nodded, and walked ahead with her. "I bet they're about to hit the boats as we speak," she said.

    “As well as the arena I’m sure Wulfric and Gravel are by now killing guards. Hum. As Alice looked at the mine she could see just how massive it is.” Marilee best we take this airborne a pair of bats is more convincing then two people.”

    "Yes, Alice. And in a mine, no less, we should blend in." She burst into a small swarm, waiting for Alice's lead.

    Alice did the same and flew ahead of Marlee into the mines. Once inside they saw hundreds of slaves all chained and digging up ore, some with one hand have there had cut off, some falling to the ground out of exhaustion and being whipped for it. And by the looks of it all the slaves were light elves. Alice and Marlee continued down the mine even seeing children workers as well, in the darkest part of the mine Alice turned back to normal.” Damn slavers curse the all to hell.”

    "This really is the darker side of humanity..." Marlee gave her a small smile. "This is why you and I decided to kill them all. Though after the slaves have met their purpose, should we do away with them too. After all, none are vampires, and thus all are prone to the same sins against us."

    “No they deserve a chance to have freedom like most people. But if they repeat then it’s fine then.”

    Marlee nodded. "Your men should be at the mine entrance by now, waiting for your signal to attack."

    “They should be but let’s give them a little advantage, besides.” Alice eyes went black and her red eyes glowed through them. “It’s been a while since I cut down some humans, care to join me?”

    Marlee chuckled sinisterly, pulling out her swords. "Let's paint this mine red."

    Alice pulled out gorlhoul and ran at the nearest guard and cut his head off.” Enjoy the meal my goelhoul That is the apatizor.”

    Outside the mine Lorica started to pace back and forth.” Ugh this waiting is killing me, I can’t stand it!”

    Calm yourself Lorica, we must wait for Alice signal.” Satoko said.

    Crixus being a thrall can hear the slaughter going on inside, but heard Alice yell for him telling him to Sind the beast in.” Lorica send in your pets we can change in now, but kill the guards only.”

    “Finally! Go my beast devour the tin can men!” She yelled and started to change the mine.

    As they fought in, Marlee fought out. The vampiric warrior, once sworn to protect humans and vampires alike, now laughed and danced with maniacal glee as one human after another fell to her swift sword. It was easy, these men and women nothing, so she made a game of it. Kill one, free a slave. Free two, free a slave. As the number between freed slaves grew, so did the challenge of fighting and counting at the same time.

    Alice on the other hand seemed more focused on killing and directing the slaves behind them, she also used her dark magic to in pale the guards and then raised them as undead.” Devour my puppet devour your former comrades and bring them to my side.”

    The zombies fallowed Alice orders picking up there weapons some gutting ther former comrades, the others swarming others devouring them until they became zombie themselves.

    Marlee laughed loudly. "This is easy pickings! We could have done this with just the two of us!"

    “This is the first half Marlee we had the element of surprise the next few mills won’t be as easy they will be ready for us then.” One of the guards was about to shoot Marlee in the back, but Alice used her ax citing him in half in a single blow.” Pulse they know the mine better then us and can easily box us in for an ambush.”
    Alice lifted a slave off there feet and told them to go into the back of the mine.

    "Yes, Master Alice. I guess I'm just excited to finally kill a few dirty humans!" Marlee gutted a man, then stabbed him over and over again as his blood splurt onto her. "Been way to long." Someone charged behind Alice. Marlee leaped on him, sinking her fangs into his neck and drinking for a while before ripping his throat out.

    “Hum I wonder how the others are doing?”
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    Part 3

    Crixus slammed his mace into one of the guards.” Move forward, we must reach our master!”

    Satoko was slashing limbs off the soldiers, while Lorica was tearing there armor apart and ripping them apart leaving a bloody mess.

    “I love this raiding stuff, why haven’t I done it sooner!?”
    Lorica yelled.

    Satoko on the other hand stayed focused and lead the living part of Alice army. “Crixus were is Alice we need to find her before we’re over run.”

    While Crixus was leading the undead troops he looked at Satoko.” She’s up a head I’m sure the monsters will see her first before we do, so move forward!”

    "Hey!" the heard after a while, Marlee waving as she ran a woman through the neck. "What took you so long?"

    “Hay were not vampires we don’t have the advantage of becoming bats.” Satoko said

    “Alright Listen up everyone, keep killing these worthless guards. I’m going topside to see the amount of ore they have and if we can transfer it all.” Alice shouted

    Marlee bowed her head. "Yes, master Alice. Please be careful."

    Alice bowed her head and turned into a swarm of pats and went into the tunnels once Alice made it outside she can see the scail of the mine, the mine was a giant circle filled with ore all around."Wow there are hundreds of creates of ore and more around the mine."This will keep me supplied for years, but were do I start?" Alice looked down and saw a guard talking to what seemed to be the leader of the guard here." Well that was bound to happen eventually." Alice sees one of the guards dragging a crate of explosives."No there trying to trap my men I will not alow this Alice jumped down and landed in front of the guard chief.

    He lifted his gigantic axe. "You! Are you a part of this? Leave now! We will bury those raiders and be done with them!"

    "I will not retreat, This mine will be striped of its ore and your slaves will be set free in the name of the warsong clan."

    "Warsong Clan." The man grunted. "Your men will die. The slaves will be buried with them because of you. We will dig our ore up again. And you won't be around to care." He waved his arm and half a dozen guards swarmed Alice.

    Alice slashed her ax through one of the guards and rushed to the others cutting both arms, legs, and there men in half."You pathetic humans all your doing is feeding my ax making it sharper with each kill." Alice driven her ax into one of the guards shoulder and dragged him to the ground she then winded up her ax and decapitated the man.

    She suddenly felt the head guard grab her, one hand on her wrist to stop her swing, the other around her neck. He lifted her in the air, and squeezed tightly. "Enough!"

    "Human scum you dare put your hand on your better." Alice used her free hand to use her dark magic to have a dark spear go through his side.

    He cried out, dropping her and falling back. He crawled back, his men slowly backing away.

    "Were do you think your going, my ax is still hungry and I plan on drowning it with your blood." Alice charged the group yet again but stooped in her rush."Wait I have a better option." Alice put her ax away and extended her hand to the guards that was backing away from her. "I offer you a once in a life time opportunity join me and my ranks and help me strip this min baron, this mine is but a prelude to my coming war I will bring on Terra. So why be on the losing side? I offer you a new beginning to offer you something you never had in your lives, simply name it and it will be your eventually."

    The head guard chuckled. "If you think... that my men..."

    He was cut off by the death cries of two of his guards, the third quickly cutting them down. This man walk forward and bowed before Alice.

    "Hum well it seems I have a volunteer, rise my loyal solder and prove your loyalty to me one more time and kill your former commander will you."

    He stood up and turned. "Are you out of your mind?!" the commander yelled. "Where is your sense of loyal-"

    He was stabbed through the heart. The guard removed his helmet, revealing pointed ears, fair skin, and blond hair. "My loyalty left when my promotion was given to someone else for the tenth time while my family starves of my meager salary." He yanked the sword out, letting the commander drop to the ground.

    "My my a light elf well that would explain the batrail, so then my new soldier tell me what do you want and I can see if I can give it to you."

    "I just want the slaves freed." He turned to her. "Do this, and I'll do whatever you want, lady."

    Alice smilled."Ou don't worry I already freed a few that was in the mine, so don't worry about that. The name is Alice by the way."

    "Ergo," said the Light Elf, putting his helmet back on.

    Alice heared a roar and saw a soldier crawling out of the mine only to be eaten by a worg. "Ah there is nothing like a good ra- Woah." Lorica looked at the mine aw struck this being the first time she ever saw a mine. "Wow look at all that I never seen so much ore before."

    "Lorica get it together our master awaits us." Crixus bowed to Alice."What do we do now master."

    "We continue to march and kill these worthless guards we also free as many slaves as we can. But now that the ore is in sight we start taking it."

    "Leave it to me." Ergo looked between the group. "I'm in uniform, so I won't be attacked by the guards, and I can rally the slaves to help steal your ore. Just tell me where to bring it..." He broke the horn-shapes on his helmet. "...and warn your people not to attack anyone with this helmet."

    "Boys you see that helmet do not kill our newest soldier anyone that does will have there heart ripped out." Alice turned to Ergo now as for the ore, There are should be portals for you to put through."

    "Portals... You are more then the average raiders, huh? I'll get on it." He ran off to do as he said he would.

    "Marlee go help him make sure he's doesn't get himself harmed will you."

    "You... want me to watch the back of a Light Elf?" Marlee groaned and followed after him, softly muttering, "Came all the way here to fight by Alice's side, I get tasked with babysitting the transfer of booty..."

    “No mopping, besides there’s plenty of guards left you will fight by my again.”

    "Yes, ma'am," Marlee called back as she went out of sight.

    “Now as for the rest of you keep up the slaughter, In going to help myself to the blood we just spilled.” Alice went back into the caves to leaving her raiding party wondering what she was up to.”
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    Part 4

    Once deep enough in the cave Alice called out the goddess of discord.

    Oddly enough, there was no answer at first. It was only after a couple of minutes and several tries that the woman appeared. "What do you want, wench?"

    “I don’t have time for your petty anger right now. I need you to make a portal, We’re about ready to transfer the or to my castle forge.”

    Tecunte laughed. "You sold me out! You betrayed me! After everything I did for you, you risked everything I had going for me, and not only do you call me anger petty, you ask me for favors? That's rich..."

    Alice started to get annoyed.” Tecunt if you don’t help me, I’m warning you as your superiors open a damn portal.”

    "Warning me? Huh... well... I wouldn't want you do do anything rash. After all... I know how much you can hurt me." Tecunte glared at Alice, then snapped her fingers, a portal appearing next to the vampire.

    “That’s a good Goddess thank you.” Alice left the mine and started to direct.” Come on let’s go we don’t have much time, former slaves grab the ore we will defend you!”

    "You misunderstand," Tecunte said softly, and Alice felt herself lifted off the ground. "This portal is for you." She was flung through it, and it immediately closed, leaving her alone in the middle of a forest.

    Alice landed on her feet her eyes glowing red.” The fuck are you doing you moron! I need to lead my men to victory and get them out of there!”

    She heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind her.

    “What now.” Alice turned around and her eyes widen.” No it can’t be you, she teleported me to you.” Alice slowly stepped back, for the person in front of her was the leader of the seven.

    Richard Delacruz cleared his throat once more. "Fancy meeting you here. It is like a god delivered you right to me. I must be on someone's good side."

    “Not good side, more like I pissed on off and she will be punished for it.”

    "Mmm... well, you punishment is my reward I suppose." Richard smiled. "So... you're going to come quietly, right?"

    “You must be out of your mind, I have people counting on me. I know they can finish the raid with out me, but I must return to my people.”

    Really?" Richard slowly circled around Alice. "And where is this going down?"

    Alice also started to walk around.” Helvan, I was raiding there mines, shipyard, gladiator area, and treasure. I was in charge of the mine raid.”

    "I see. Well, you're a long way from there. How do you plan to get back?"

    “I’m working on it, If a certain person is watching me in my raid then I’m hoping she will help me. Now as for you, what do I do with you?”

    Richard looked up. "You have a way back, huh? Then I have a proposition for you. If you can last in a fight against me for ten minutes, I will back down, and your guardian deity can send you back."

    “Ten minutes while I know it’s a bad deal.” Alice pulled out her ax.” But I have been meaning to fight you, and force you on my side.”

    "Yeah... good luck with that." Richard pulled out a crossbow. "Begin." The bolt lit on fire as it was fire.

    Alice quickly turned into a swarm of bats dodgeing the bolt and turned back to normal in front of Richard. Alice swung her ax hoping to catch him off guard.

    He was ready. He swung his sword confidently, blocking the attack. Alice stuck again and again, and Richard blocked again and again. It was incredible, the speed in which he moved, standing casually as he blocked each attack with a single hand. After a minute or two, Alice started to feel like he was just toying with her. Was this the skill of an over six hundred year old vampire?

    "Damn it do not toy with me!" Alice charged once again an swung her ax it was again blocked, But Alice this time used her free hand to punch Richard stomach.

    He let out an oof and stumbled back. He rolled his neck and his smile remained. "I guess it is time to take this seriously." Three chunks of earth, like spears, shot at Alice as Richard went in for a series of rapid thrusts.

    Alice quickly turned to a swarm of bats, douging the attack and fleeing into the forest. "Got to ambush him catch him off guard, it's clear I can't beat him out right better use tactic here."

    "That's a wise plan," Richard said, dashing along the trees and easily keeping up. Alice rushed in another direction. As she did, walls of earth started shooting up to block her path.

    Alice flew up trying to out fly the wall but instead flew back into the forest, and turned back to normal and decided to hide in trees. and thought to herself. I just need to keep him occupied and live for a few more minutes and I can go free."

    A thin mist started to fill the treeline, but she heard nothing. Only the usual sound of wildlife, and the sense that it was getting warmer.

    "Why does this feel familer?" Alice remembered the last time she fought the seven and this happen. Alice got out of the tree and started running.

    The tree suddenly erupted in flames as she jumped into the mist. This was planned, however, as the mist reformed into Alice and slashed her across the back.

    Alice yelled in pain, when her hand reached the ground she used her dark magic to have dark spikes appear behind Richard stabbing him in the back.

    He flinched, but didn't seems as affected. He magic was weak against him. Earth spikes rose from the ground, stabbing into Alice's legs and a hand.

    Alice yelled and lifted her self out of the spikes."Alright then if my dark magic wont work then how about then then!" Alice through her ax at Richard.

    Richard rolled his eyes, and easily caught it. He lifted it and his own sword, and slowly approached the woman. "I still have two minutes. Want to give up now, or do I have to chop off a limb or two?"

    "Ou I still have a trick or two up my selves." Alice let Richard get closer to her when he was right on top of her Alice quickly turned around and used her fire magic on Richard.

    Richard stepped back, sheathing his sword and fanning the flames out. "Impressive. Care to see who's is stronger?" He held out his hand and a stream of fire flowed towards Alice.

    "I would rather not I would like to have my Ax back." Alice doges the attack and went to Richard grabbing her ax and jumping over him. "I believe my time is up."

    "I still have a few more seconds!" He used his magic to lift a massive sphere of earth and tossed it at Alice. There was no way to avoid it, save for the portal that suddenly appeared behind her.

    "What in the who, ou screw it." Alice went through the portal as well as the giant bolder. When Alice came out the other side she saw her men starting to be overrun.

    "Boss were have you been?" Crixus asked

    "Move now get out of the way." A giant bolder suddenly came behind Alice and launched into the guards.

    Ergo yelled loudly, motioning for everyone to move. The portals provided by the Reaper to transfer the ore to the stolen ships were fluctuating, the creature having trouble keeping them open for so long for so many items.

    "Ugh reaper? Hum my ever loyal reaper, Come one everyone I doubt he can hold it forever!" As Alice looked at how many of her troops layed dead as well as guards." Damn that bitch, but for now I need a distraction ." Alice turned to her forces. "Marlee Crixus defend your master, I need to do something." Alice put her hand on the ground and the blood all over the mins started to move to her.
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    Part 5

    Marlee spun her blades. "Gladly." Alice, a big target, led plenty of men to Marlee as her swords drank in their blood, and so did she.

    Crixus leaped into the battle with his mace slamming it into the guards, He looked like a wild beast bashing them with his shield and his mace.

    One guard slipped through. As he neared Alice, Ergo jumped over her and slammed his sword into his head.

    "Thank you Ergo your proving to be quiet the loyal soldier, it's a good thing I offerd you the position."

    Ergo bowed and ran off to help with the main fight.

    As the blood started to circle around Alice, when the blood was absorbed into Alice her eyes glowed red."Ou I'm loving this feeling of drinking so much blood, so much power rushing through me. But unfortunately it won’t last." A blue or appeared in Alice hand and she slammed it into the ground, The blue went through the ground going around the mine." Rise my Army!" Her eyes glew blew and hundreds of the fallen guards started to rise up and charged there former comrades. "Marlee,Crixus, Ergo, fall back were leaving."

    Ergo stared for a few moments, Marlee having to grab his arm and drag him into the portal.

    Alice weakly went through the portal leaving her undead to devour the guards, As Alice made her way back to her home she fell on her to her knees and then fell flat on her face.

    "Master!" Marlee ran to her side. She gasped at the large wound on her back. "W-what happened to you?!"

    Alice lightly chuckled to herself till she started to slowly rise up.” I can feel them, I can feel my undead soldiers killing those worth guards.”

    "Please, master. You're weak from fighting someone. You need blood for You, not your undead."

    “I can feel them though, them devouring their former friends. But fine you’re right.” Alice eyes went back to ther normal red color and Alice slowly stood up.

    "Please... go rest." Marlee smiled. "I will make sure your mission will end well."

    “The mission! We’re are the others ?”

    "They are fine." A mystery woman leaned against a nearby wall, holding up an orb of fire and peering into it. "The soldier barracks have been sacked, you have three ships of goods and slaves sailing here including your own, and your alchemist made out like a bandit."

    Alice chuckled to herself.” Everyone give me and my new partner a minute alone, and Ergo get acquainted with the castle.”

    "Yes, ma'am," Ergo stated, bowing.

    The new goddess watched them walk out, her eyes on Ergo for a few moments. "Partner, you say. Strong word. Do you know who I am?"

    “Someone Tecute promised I have an audience with, to which she failed to do. Proving once and for all she nothing but a traceries clown, you’re the goddess of war right?”

    "I am. And I am here on behalf of her son. You... did well... for an amateur."

    “I asked her son to get me an audience with you and as for me. I run a group of raiders, I would say when it comes to a bunch of raiders doing this you won’t find any in all if Terra.”

    Aratenda grinned. "I hear tell you plan to take on the whole world."

    “Something that should be music to your ears. I mean why hope for full scale war in the hands of nobles?”

    "I do have a war building in Themosa, you know?" Aratenda pushed off the wall and walked over. "But I have had my eyes on you. For a while, in fact. You show potential."

    “All I ask is for an opportunity I’m hoping this raid did it.”

    "Oh, it caught my eye alright. The question is... what would you like from me."

    Alice placed her hand on her chin.” Would you mind being my wrath for a few hours, and drag down that bitch goddess of discord down here to me?”

    Aratenda laughed. "You expect me to not only work under you, but you want me to attack a another goddess?"

    “Not under me no, I just want you to bring her to me is all.”

    "Alright." The goddess snapped her fingers, a portal appearing next to her. She reached in and pulled out a golden apple. With a smile, she crushed it.

    Another portal appeared and Tecunte hurried through. "Who dares!"

    Before she could utter another word Alice used her ax to decapatate the god, when Tecunte head feel to the ground Alice sliced through her body, cutting through her stomach legs and chest.” Marlee come here!” Alice shouted.

    Marlee came running in. "Yes, mis... w-what happened here?"

    “Help me grab this traitors piece of garbage to the forge, and if she moves slice her body parts.”Alice looked at the goddess of war.” You know this bitch is under investigation for killing her sister, would you like to get a confession?”

    Arentenda folded her arms. "That would be nice, considering what has happened here."

    “Wonderful, Just stay hidden like you were during the raid please.”

    The goddess nodded, vanishing from sight.

    Alice put her ax through Tecunte head and carried to the forge, once there Alice put Tecunte body parts were that belonged and strapped them to her toucher chair she leaned the chair back to We’re Tecunte head was under the smelter.” Marlee stay by my side, bitch should be waking up any minute.”

    Her eyes did slowly open. "What is this?" She asked in an annoyed tone.

    "This is your punishment for your betrail." Tecunte turned her head to see Alice is still alive.

    "Oh! So you beat him, huh?" Tecunte grinned. "Hope you were able to capture him. No need to thank me, but it would be nice."

    Alice patted Tecunte head."Ou you stupid, ignorant wench. I didn't beat him, reaper managed to make me a portal to escape now as for you since you betrayed me I need to punish you as well as give you a history lesson." Alice went to the other side of the forge and grabbed a bag, she reached in and pulled out these four spiked nailed. "See back in the early days of my kind there was a clan that loved torture, shouldn't get enough of it and to make sure there play things didn't get away they did a certain method that kept them in place."

    "Oh?" Tecunte grinned wider. "Now you're making me all excited."

    "Good but as much as I would love to demonstrate this to you, I would like to know one thing. Why why did you take me from the middle of my raid and teleported me to Richard? I have done nothing to you, I have been nothing but nice to you, sure we had some hiccups but why would you do that to me?"

    Tecunte rolled her eyes. "You really are deluded, aren't you? Or have you simply forgot about Grimora?"

    "Grimora? Ou the goddess of darkness, your sister would you mind reminding me of that. I have just been so busy with planning the raid and capturing people and recruiting people, please remind me of how you killed her again."

    Tecunte frowned deeply. "Oh... it was so sad. I remember it like it was yesterday. She would be so disappointed that you forgot. She considered you a friend."
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    Part 6
    "Well I've been busy, so before I kill you well at least torture you So I will give you your last rights go ahead and gloat as your last moments tell me every detail about it." Alice said smiling at Tecunte.

    Tecunte scoffed. "I Don't find this to be a smiling matter. I had fought with her... I-I was upset. So I wasn't thinking when I called her here. I knew you had the intent, but I never imagined..." Her eyes slowly turned up to look into Alice's. "...that you could actually kill my sister."

    "Me a mortal killing a god not possible,Mind telling me how I did this?" Ou I see what your doing fool it won't work.

    "I didn't want to believe it, but it seemed you got your hands on some blood of a Golden Hind!" Tecunte gasped. "Of course! When Nemesis lost it fifteen years ago... it must have ended up in the mortal realm! Who knows who else has some..."

    Alice tapped her fingers on the chair." You know what your problem is Tecunte you have low self esteem, you had countless plans to bring chaos to this world all failed to one guild. Not only that but your father, you son and your sister all hate you, Even your sister liked me and I considered her a friend and value partner but you had to kill her and your failed attempt to turn this on me won't work." Alice put her hand on the Smelter."So here's hoping in the after life your sister can torture you forever." Alice turned the nob and started pour the melted metal on Tecunte face.

    She screamed in pain as her skin and muscles melted away, her whole body going limp. The war goddess stepped out of the shadows.

    “Well if that actually did kill her wish I did it sooner, my the goddess of darkness finally Rest In Peace if this piece of trash is truly dead.”

    "You... know I'll have to investigate what she said, right?" Arentenda folded her arms. "By which I mean have Nemesis investigate it."

    "Go ahead, I know nothing of whatever she was talking about I was imprison until recently. But know this She stole it herself, You want to take this piece of garbage out of my sight. Also the remains of her sister or the dust of her is burred out back in a casket. I burred her when I saw her turn to dust in my hands."

    "Very well." The goddess snapped her fingers, and the remains disappeared. "As for you." She held out her hand, a glowing red orb appearing in it. "Take this."

    Alice raised an eyebrow and took the orb."What is this? Something for me too summon you or something?"

    Her burns suddenly started to burn. Seconds later, the orb shot into her. The pain was brief but intense and overwhelming. She dropped to her knees, steam coming off her body. She felt like she had been on fire for a few seconds.

    "I call it 'Aratenda's blessing'," the goddess said.

    “Ugh. What did you just do to me?”

    "I told you. I gave you my blessing. Is it not what you wanted?" The war goddess placed her hands on her hips. "I piece of my abilities. It gives your army a boost to their abilities... based on you. In other words, the stronger you are, the stronger they are."

    “Ou an army after my own heart, nice. Thank you for this wonderful gift, gives me intensive to hunt down strong monster.” Alice looked at the goddess.” Say if you don’t mind can you point me to We’re I can find strong monsters?”

    "Bevland is the first that comes to mind," Aratenda answered. "They are currently experiencing a demon invasion, one that the gods themselves are taking interest in. Be warned, however. Your gift comes with an obvious drawback. Grow too weak or take too much damage in battle, and your people will weaken. Do not forget that and grow reckless."

    “Thanks for the warning, demons huh always wanted to try demon blood. Wonder what it will do to me?”

    The goddess opened a portal. "Curiosity killed the goblin. Don't forget that. Or the fact that they might have a Jabberwocky. Good luck." She disappeared, leaving Alice alone with Marlee.

    "She... seemed nice," Marlee stated, clearing her throat.

    “Because were helping her, come on let’s go see if others arrived.”

    As they looked over those that came through the portals, there was a tug on her sleeve. "Master Alice?" It was her alchemist. "A word in private."

    “Ou Fine.” Alice brought Alagor to her room.” What is it?”

    "Well, I... I overheard what you were talking about with Rumi. How she is... not under your control, and actually serves your sister."

    “Short version don’t know how my sister freed her, she was my thrall so maybe she drained her of blood. Why do you care?”

    "Well..." He seemed to be surprised she didn't rip his head off for snooping, let alone be angry. "Why don't I hypnotize her like the others. I can program her to act like she is still free around your sister while actually under your control. I would even make it so she thinks she is still following your sister and not realize you are controlling her."

    “No Rumi has earned my respect, and is free to do as she pleases.”

    "Oh... Well, I understand. I mean, I Don't, but you are the boss."

    He slowly walked away, scratching the top of his mask. "What a piece of work, huh?" When Alice looked to the side, Seclavar was sitting on her bed, leaning against the back. He was sweating profusely and looking more tired then one would ever expect from a god.

    “Hum well look at you, guessed I work you a little to hard to day huh sorry about that. Though I do have some good news, the goddess of war is now on my— our side, and has gifted me with her ability in short the stronger I am the stronger my army gets.”

    Seclavar nodded. "You impressed her. Just don't ask her for favors. She doesn't work like that."

    “Well she did one favor for me, getting rid of the corpse and I say that loosely of you mother.”

    Seclavar chuckled. "You know whatever you did couldn't have killed her. She'll be back. But I'm sure you made her regret messing with you."

    “Won’t lie felt good pouring hot boiling melted metal on her face, but some how I doubt she learned anything.”

    "Yeah. Well... You need to take inventory." Seclavar slowly moved to lay down. "Mind if... I take a nap?"

    Alice chuckled and kissed the Seclavar forehead.” Go ahead you earned it, as for me I have a speech to make.”

    He nodded, closing his eyes and falling asleep almost immediately.

    Alice stood on her balcony and looked at not only her men but the slaves as well.” Men today was a great day, today we made history the only bandit tribe to raid an entire city and leave it Barron of its recourse! Now as for the slaves.” Alice looked around and sees that she has hundreds of them.” I give you A choice, join me and be apart of a rising empire or you can leave and live your own lives.”

    After a while, it looked as though a hundred and fifty were willing to join her.

    Alice said under her breath.” Well that’s depressing out of a good thousand, only a hundred and fifty will join me. Hopefully Wulfric and Gravel were more successful.” Alice went back to her speech.” Welcome to my army former slaves, if you need work ask around I’m sure I can find something for you to do. Rumi come with me I need to talk to you.”

    Rumi nodded, walking along with Alice. "What is it?"

    Alice lead her to her sisters room/cell, Alice turned around and hugged Rumi. "You did such a good job today by the looks of it my ship isn't to damaged and by the looks of the amount of food we now have, I’ll say you left them with nothing. I'm so proud of you." Alice started to hug Rumi tighter.

    Rumi blinked. "Um... y-yeah. Okay. I mean... you're welcome..."

    Alice rolled her eyes and released Rumi."Geez can't you relax around me i'm not going to do anything to you Rumi loosen up around me will you I mean I think of you as my own kid."
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    Part 7

    Rumi smiled softly. "Thank you."

    "Too bad you Don't take the advice of your daughter more," Lily commented. "Or your sister."

    "Why must you ruin a moment, and besides Have I not treated you well? You know for a someone that's a prisoner I treat you more like a guess, you could be more grateful to me for that. And besides I just freed damn near a thousand slaves, though a few joined me and my cause."

    Lily looked like she was going to say something negative, but slowly smiled. "Good job. Even if it was for more sinister... you did something good."

    "It's something, were also going monster hunting and by monsters I mean demos. We will be heading to Bevland there apparently having a demon problem were going to go fix it."

    "What?" Lily leaned forward. "Why? What does this have to do with... a-anything?"

    "Why do you care, do you not want me to fight demons or something? There is a reason why i'm doing this, I was given something by the war god and I feel like using it. Not only that i'm sure the people in Bevland could use some help."

    "Believe it or not, I'm pretty sure she doesn't want you to get killed," Rumi said. "I passed through there on the way to Searsam. Rumor has it they're at a stand still because most of the demons are low level grunts, but the soldiers can't push back because of some particularly powerful demon general's. There is even supposedly a Jabberwocky, though that was just a rumor."

    “Ou they have one the goddess of war told me, we’re going to go kill it.”

    Rumi laughed. "You know what a Jabberwocky is, right? A demonic version of a dragon? And that's it, huh? Just 'we're going to go kill it'?"

    Alice eyes winded but slowly she started to laugh and until she her laughter was maniacal."Ou that's just perfect that changes things were not going to kill it now, ou no were going to break and capture it!"

    Rumi scoffed. "Can I at least make a suggestion?"

    "By all means I would love the opinion of my third in command, so make your case and if your going to insult me please be creative."

    "I'm not going to insult you. I just suggest... as hard as it is to say, I suggest getting at least one or two members of the Band of Seven."

    "Hum perhaps there's hope for you yet, the god in charge of that is currently sleeping he's had a long day so he can use the rest." Alice put her hand on Rumi shoulder." You get some rest as well Rumi traveling at sea and the battles we had you also earned it."

    Rumi smiled gently and nodded, walking off.

    Alice then turned to her sister. “Can I talk with you for just a minute?"

    Lily nodded. "Of course."

    Alice pulled out a chair for herself and her sister." Today I fought Richard it was the goddess of Discord plan to try and kill me, it failed in many ways, but Today I fought the leader of the seven."

    "Yeah? How did it go? Besides you surviving?"

    "The fight was me mostly running, I got some shots on him but I was no match for him. It made me think of things it made me wonder how can I take down the council."

    Lilith shrugged. "He is the strongest of the Seven. You'll have to find them and use their help to take him down."

    Alice looked at her sister. “Are you actually going along with my plan to kill the council or are you just egging me on?"

    "I am going along in the hopes I'll eventually be able to convince you to capture them."

    "Yes convince me that the vampires that has been alive for probable a thousand years, are two scared of the world to let us out of that prison city. Why do you want me to capture them so badly?"

    "Because they don’t deserve to die. No matter how much you think they do?"

    "Hum whatever I doubt you could convince me otherwise, your welcome to try. However I’m in a fantastic mood, I just got through sending the goddess of discord to her hot boiling metal grave."

    "Go get some sleep," Lily said. "And some blood to heal that wound of yours."

    "I could do that but I have to check the loot I now have, and the new gladiator’s recruits and the former slaves see what work I can give them. No I can't sleep yet." Alice got off her chair and head to the door but before she left she turned around and hugged Lilith." I love you by the way."

    Lily smiled softly. "I... I love you too. I really do."

    Alice let go of her sister and left the room."Ugh the fuel of my war machine I finally have it, and now for the moment anyway I'm free of that pathetic goddess. Alice went to her room and forgot that Seclevar was in her bed, Alice took off her armor and got in the bed next to him.
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    Black0ut & ZombieSplitter53
    Jay. Hunter. Lab Tech. Teacher?
    Part One

    The lab was predominately quiet as most had gone to bed or ha found other things to occupy their time. A certain Light Elf had decided to stick in the lab and continue his work, as it was somewhat cathartic for him, given the intense mission he had been on. As he wrapped up one of his experiments and started writing a detailed report, his eyes started to close as he struggled to stay awake. However, within minutes, he was asleep at his desk, softly snoring.

    A certain teenage demon mischievously snuck up on Him, a big smile on her face as she popped off the top of a marker and started drawing.

    He continued sleeping, but murmured out something incoherent. She finished drawing all over his face, then leaned in to hear if she could tell what he was saying.

    "No... don't hit me... I'll be good... please..." Jay mumbled out, evidently as a nightmare took hold.

    Eliza frowned. It reminded her of her own captivity. "Hey... wake up, Mr. Jay."

    The Light Elf didn't stir, instead, he continued wrestling with his demons in dream form.

    "Hey! Wake up, stupid!" She shook him violently.

    "Mmm... what?" Turning around to face the demon girl, Jay fell out of his seat in a panic and gazed incredulously at the demon girl. "Who are you?"

    "Eliza." She tilted her head. "You're Mr. Jay, right?"

    "I knew a little girl who went by that name, not a teenager. And yes, my name is Jay..." The Light Elf responded, as he looked at her with doubtful eyes.

    "I was a little girl a while ago." Eliza flexed her arms. "But I grew fast into a tough, strong woman! Impressed?"

    "I am..." Jay replied, as he tried to think if she was fooling him somehow.

    "Heheh." Eliza stretched. "So why you sleeping here anyway?" She looked over his face and giggled.

    "I was working on some work... why are you laughing?" Jay inquired, as one of his eyebrows tilted upwards.

    "Teeheehee... because you look so funny!"

    "Not very nice to say to someone..." Jay said disapprovingly, until he had a thought. forming several water orbs behind the Demon, he formed one in front of himself to see what she had done.

    The marker drawings almost made him look like a demon, save for the hearts on cheeks. The young demon cracked up.

    Jay, instead of showing any discomfort with it, instead offered a predatory grin in exchange and began laughing maliciously.

    This made the girl laugh even more. "I like you, Mr. Jay. You have a better sense of humor then the others."

    The water orbs soon flew at her and drenched the teenage demon with freezing water. "I wouldn't call it that... after all, I like taking revenge on pranksters."

    "Th-that... w-wasn't... f-f-funny!" Eliza declared.

    "It was very funny for me. Perhaps this will teach you that what you do does have consequences. You cannot do something to someone without thinking how they feel about it." Jay lectured, as he used some of his magic to conjure an additional orb to clean his face.

    Slowly, Eliza smiled. "I guess it w-was a little funny. I think your powers are cool. Can you teach me?"

    "Can you use water magic?" Jay asked, as he returned to his desk, and picked up his chair so he could sit in it.

    Eliza scoffed. "Of course not, dummy. That's why I need you to teach me."

    "I may not be the best teacher... your mom would be a better teacher than me." Jay replied, as he went very quiet.

    Eliza pouted and turned away. "She doesn't know water magic. And she says I can't learn anyway. But I want you to teach me anyway."

    "Well... let me expand on why she says you can't... although due to your demon heritage, it might be possible... regardless, when a human, elf, thrope, or other intelligent creature is born there is a chance they are born with an affinity. For example," Jay started, conjuring a water orb and a ball of light. "my affinity is to water and light magic. I cannot conjure fire or wind magic as I'm not born with the power to do so. I think you would struggle conjuring water alone, as it is opposite of your affinity of fire and chaos magic."

    "Chaos..." Eliza's eyes widened in excitement. "You think I can learn to use Chaos magic some day!? Just like Drayce!?"

    "Your demonic nature, if I had to guess, would allow you the use of chaos magic." The Light Elf closed his eyes, too tired to keep them open.

    "That's awesome! I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna learn, and then I'll be able to kick some real... um... are you okay, Mr. Jay?"

    "Just tired, kid. I'll be good in a couple minutes..." The Light Elf responded, his eyes still not opening.

    Eliza scuffled away, and returned a few seconds later with a bottle. "Here. Drink this."

    Jay slowly opened his good eye, and stared at Eliza for a moment. "Why?"

    "Amam Erin drinks it when she works late sometimes. It gives her lots of energy."

    "Are you sure she wouldn't mind me taking her drink?"Jay replied as he opened his other eye, but it had shifted, so all it revealed was white glass.

    Eliza gasped, nearly dropping the bottle. "Uh... ahem, No. She has plenty of them. And you're her assistant, right?"

    "I am her assistant, but asking her first would be the better route." Jay narrowed his eyes, causing his glass eye to look more sinister. "Why do you look so unnerved?"

    "Wh-what... what's wrong with your eye?" she asked bluntly. "Are you possessed? Because I'll have to beat you up to get the ghost out."

    Jay paused for a moment, before laughing. Moving his head forward and holding a hand out in front of his head, he smacked the back of his head with free hand, causing the glass eye to fall out of the socket. "It's glass. It's not my real eye." Jay explained as soon as he was done laughing.

    "Ew..." She looked at it carefully. "Why do you have a fake eye? Where is your real one?"

    "It was taken from me two decades ago, by very evil people. And because they took it, I can never see out of my eye again." Jay answered, offering a rueful smile.

    "Oh... I'm sorry." She gave him a sad look. "And it won't grow back?"

    "No... even though I wish it could." Jay sighed, fitting the glass orb back into his empty socket.

    "Oh..." Eliza pouted. She was sad now. But she knew how to make them both happy again. "Want... some candy?"

    "No, because you just reminded me of some presents I got for you while you were away." Conjuring a water orb, it flew off towards a shelf and retrieved a large pouch. Dropping it into his hand, the orb disappeared while Jay continued. "I got your favorites and, um, some new ones from Virando."
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    Jay. Hunter. Lab Tech. Teacher?
    Part Two

    "My favorite what?" Eliza asked. "Candies?"

    Jay nodded and held out his hand, offering the bag to her. "I hope it serves as a good apology for not getting you out of... whatever that hellhole was."

    Eliza quickly peaked inside to see what she got.

    There was a slew of chocolates, lollipops, gumballs, jaw-breakers, and many other assorted candies that the bag must have weighed at least five pounds.

    "Whoa... this is... all for me? But... why? What did I do to deserve these?"

    "I was one of your caretakers when you were smaller, yet... when you were taken... I... spent a lot of time in the lab. There were days where I wouldn't leave, because I tried to make something new, so we could trade whatever I made in for you... but it was all garbage. Useless. So... consider this two gifts; one, for me being just happy that you're back, and the other... for not being able to save you far more quickly than what everyone else did."

    Eliza shook her head. "Please don't talk like that. Amam did a lot. But we agreed it was the fault of the people who took us. So it wasn't your fault either."

    "Oh, me and your mom already had heated words over you, if memory serves. Besides the mass experiments, I did nothing. Not a damn thing. So a bit of the fault is mine. I should've done far more, maybe even storming their complexes and taking you back by force." Jay shook his head, a grimace on his face. "So... no. That will be something I blame myself for a very long time."

    "I wish you wouldn't..." Eliza lowered her head. "I have... caused so much trouble." She looked down at her clawed hands. "Can I... tell you something secret?"

    "Always." The Light Elf said, his eye focusing on the demon girl.

    "As much as I love It, sometimes I wish I wasn't a demon so I wouldn't cause so many problems. Other times, I wish... I-I wish I had never hatched from that egg..."

    "Even if you weren't a demon, everyone still causes problems no matter what. I myself have caused problems within the Guild. I got angry and a man threw me into a wall, and so I used my magic and we nearly killed each other... which then led me down the path which let me get my girlfriend, Sylvie. The point, kid, I'm trying to frame, is that while bad things may happen, good things usually follow."

    "Good things..." She smiled softly. "Like a bag full of candy?"

    "Like a bag full of candy." Jay nodded, giving a small smile.

    Eliza giggled. "Well, thank you. Oh! Since you showed me your magic, did you want to see mine?"

    Jay nodded, as he focused once more on Eliza.

    The demon girl held her palms open. Opening her mouth, Jay could feel energy quickly building up in her. There was a spark, then before her mouth formed a large fire ball, which she cupped in her hands.

    Jay clapped, impressed by the girl's ability. "That is certainly most impressive! However... can you form a fireball without exhaling it?"

    The girl frowned. "No... I-I mean, not yet. I'm still trying to figure that one out..."

    "Well with that, I can help you with. So can Erin. You should think about who you want to train under." Jay replied, as he reached under his desk to retrieve his staff.

    "Well... Amam doesn't want me to develop my powers too much. Besides, Erin is always busy..."

    "Let me give you a little-known secret... all parents, and most caretakers, tend to love the kids they're with unconditionally." Jay corrected, standing up so he could stare into one of Eliza's eyes. "Erin would make time for you... but if Betty has other plans... I'll teach you then. I will admit to you now, that I may be a tough teacher and that I will, on most occasions, deal with strict lessons and hold you to a stricter expectation of progress. With all that, would you still want me as your teacher?"

    Eliza nodded rapidly, punching a fist into her palm. "I don't want you to go easy on me. Be as strict as possible."

    Jay smiled menacingly, "As you wish. First lesson: Composure." Moving fast, he used his staff to swipe at Eliza's legs.

    She tried to hop back but was knocked on her rare. "Hey! What was that for?"

    "If you cannot control your emotions, you will not get stronger... instead you'll probably get yourself killed. In example, instead of attacking back, you merely yelled at me. Do you want to get stronger, yes or no?" Jay asked aggressively, his eye having rolled back again into the weird position where only the white glass was visible.

    Eliza's lip quivered in anger, but she took a deep breath and stood up. "Yes."

    "Better. Lose the anger, and try to strike me with your claws." Jay ordered, summoning a few water orbs for defense.

    Eliza took several deep breaths. Her claws glowed a deep red, and she started slashing at him.

    The water orbs formed into claws that immediately began blocking her attacks. "I thought I said to hit me! Are you really going that easy on me, Eliza?!" Jay taunted, not moving from his spot.

    Eliza snarled, then moved faster. And faster. And faster. She was indeed a demon. More orbs were created to deflect the blows until a Light Orb formed behind her and swiped at her back. Eliza wiped her tail back, whacking them away. As she swiped more and more, she started to gather more energy for another attack.

    Jay pushed his magic to the limit and brought forth a hundred orbs of light and water to engage the demon teen. "Show me the power to prove that you are worthy to be my student!"

    With a snarl, Eliza's body grew to a more mature form, a form only her mother's and Kva had seen, with blue skin and a slender yet strong form. She swung at the orbs from all angles, using her claws, feet, tail, and wings, as well as letting the gathered energy out as a stream of fire.

    Jay used the water orbs to attempt to stop the demon, so he could speak. "You have done well. Your form could use a little more structure, but overall, you have far surpassed all my expectations." Jay praised, smiling at his new protege.

    "Do you... really... me that?" Eliza asked in a slightly more mature voice, panting heavily as she tried to calm down.

    "I do. But... remember one thing: do not flail around with your attacks. Make each strike with the intent to kill. You do have a strong attack, but if you do not harness it to its full potential, you will struggle to get any stronger." Jay lectured, the water orbs dispersing as he spoke.

    Eliza slowly shrank. "And you'll teach Me, Mr. Jay?"

    "I will, as long as you can last against me." Jay said, offering a hand to her.

    Eliza bowed her head. "Yes, Master Jay."