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Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)

Discussion in 'Role Play & Story Discussion' started by ZombieSplitter53, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Black0ut

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    Feb 5, 2015
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    Inevitable Regret, pt. 9

    "You're both adorable." The Green Haired Woman remarked as she walking, cradling her baby.

    "And you." She looked at Aife, who was trying to slip out herself. "Welcome to Havenbrook."

    Aife nodded, "Thank you..."

    "If anybody gives you shit, let me know. Most of them are afraid or disapprove of how me and Kva fight, so I'll stick up for you if you need it. Welcome to the family." Titania said cheerily, standing up and moving forward to give Aife a handshake.

    It took Aife a second to realize what she was doing, but then slowly gripped her hand with hers. "Is this... How you do it?"

    "Yup, that's a genuine handshake. Nice grip you got there." Titania noted, breaking her hand away after a moment. "I'll see you around. Take care, Aife."

    "You too!" She smiled as she left, turning the corner.

    Suddenly, Kva approached from Titania's side, sighing. "I need to have a word... It's important."

    "O-okay? Should we talk in my room then since it's important?" She asked, some concern showing through.

    "Yeah..." Kva motioned, stepping inside. "Come on."

    Entering her room, Titania shut the door and moved further in, sitting on her bed. "Alright... um... what's the important thing you needed to tell me?"

    "Taydar came to Havenbrook... He has a mission for us..." Kva sat down beside her. "He wants us to retrieve Grimora's Soul from hell..."

    Titania's eye twitched, but she held an uneasy smile. "O-oh? I, um... I hope he's giving us some help for going down there? Maybe armor or weapons?"

    "Just whatever we can... We will go in four teams of four, each with a designated leader. The Leader is the only one who will be physically going... The rest of the team will be composed of shells connected to your bodies back here. Each shell takes some of the strain of Hell off of the leader... If all of them die... Well... They'll wake up back here... As for the leader..." The Dhampir trailed off.

    "They die. Please tell me you aren't considering going for a leader position..." Titania said softly, hoping that Kva was going in one of the shells.

    But Kva just shook her head. "Someone has to. I figured I would likely be better suited due to my increased durability and healing, not to mention my affinity for Dark Magic..."

    "And what if something goes wrong? If you get severely wounded or if you...?" Titania voice went low, some anger in it but mostly worry. "You're strong, yes, but not everyone is as strong as you. Especially not me, emotionally or physically."

    "But someone has to do it Titania. If not me, then someone else is put there, someone with their own friends and family. Besides, we face this kind of danger every day... You could've died fighting Tecunte without me..." The Fencer argued calmly.

    "I handled myself well enough that it wasn't a problem." Titania explained, her voice filling with emotion. "I disarmed her weapons, and her claws were not as good as mine. If I died to what was a weak clone of myself... well, I wouldn't have made it to here to be your girlfriend, would I?"

    "Besides that, we don't go into hell on a regular basis and fight demons looking for dead Gods. I... am selfish, and I'll admit that. The chance to lose you... I don't wanna risk it."

    "It's not for Grimora... It's personal... They say if we help, they will return Eraqus to us..." Kva explained further.

    Titania bit her lip, knowing full well she might've done the same, had she been put in a similar situation. "I... still don't like it. But... if you're going and you've made your mind up... I'll support you, no matter how much I want you to not go." She said, her anger at her own words boiling to the surface, resulting in one of her eyes turning somewhat feral.

    "You will support me... I want you at my side, there is no one I would rather have with me..." Kva slid off her helmet, it was something she wasn't supposed to do, but right now she made an exception. "What do you say...?"

    Titania sighed and hugged Kva, a small smile on her face. "I'd be happy to. Let's me protect you for once..."

    "And I don't have to worry about you dying... Actually... I probably still should." The Dark Elf Vampire laughed, kissing her forehead lightly.

    "Oh, hush you. They'd struggle to try and take me down if I was fighting for you." The Thrope replied, snuggling into her. She popped back out and looked somewhat sheepish. "I, um, came up with a new technique... It's kind of a work in progress, but would you, um, like to see it?"

    "Technique? The Fighting kind or the loving kind?" Titania's partner asked.

    "Fighting... although I have a few i-ideas on the latter..." Titania managed to say, not expecting Kva's mind to go that route and as a result her face grew slightly red.

    "Such a bashful puppy." She pressed a finger against Titania's nose.

    "H-hey..! I-I'm not bashful... just preferably shy." She corrected with her natural accent, her face becoming more red.

    "So, what did you want to show me?" Kva smiled, crossing a leg over the other.

    Getting off of the bed, she found a few books Jay hadn't taken out of the room, taking two in one of her hands, as her other arm blurred and disappeared. Tossing the two books over to her other arm, it seemed like they were hovering in the air. "It takes a lot out of my arms to do it, but if I were able to do it with actual weapons..."

    "So... You are moving your arm so rapidly it seems invisible?" Kva guessed.

    The Thrope's arm slowing down as she tossed one of the books into her other hand. "I am. But that's not the thing I'm thinking about... if I could wield more than two weapons at a time, I could be a bit scarier of a combatant." She answered, setting the books down. "Guess being a Demigod has some perks to it..."

    "Shame I'm not one... But I get by..." Kva stood up, crossing her arms. "The good thing is, while I may be a better fighter then you now, your potential goes leagues beyond mine."

    "Says the beautiful Dhampire. I think you're underestimating just how much of an edge you have. You're better than most of us, and I doubt that'll change anytime soon." Titania said as she began to blur, slowing down after a moment as her blush faded away.

    "Stop being so Modest. Honestly." She chuckled.

    "Me? Modest? Whatever gave you that idea?" She joked, offering a somewhat goofy grin.
  2. Black0ut

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    Feb 5, 2015
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    Inevitable Regret, pt. NSFW

    "Now... Shall we... Continue where we left off?" Kva grinned devilishly, patting the bed.

    The silver wolf's face turned a bright red, as she slowly nodded, taking a couple hesitant steps forward.

    Kva wrapped her arms around her waist, slowly pulling up her loose shirt to reveal her chest. "Ah... Such a figure..."

    She looked away for a moment, with the hint of a smile before she looked up at Kva. "Is not nearly as great as yours."

    Taking off her shirt as well, Kva ran her hands up Titania's sides gently, the Thrope being pretty much at breast height with her lover.

    Taking advantage of the situation, Titania raised her hands to gently grasp Kva's breasts, squeezing them before she leaned in. For a moment, she did nothing, but then she removed a hand and replaced it with her mouth.

    The Fencer exhaled lovingly, running her hand through Titania's hair as her other found it's way to her breast, squeezing it lightly.

    Her free hand snaked its way downwards and eventually settled on the outside of her pants, gently rubbing a spot she knew Kva would like. Her tongue swirled around her lover's nipple, as she occasionally pulled her head somewhat backwards in an attempt to hear her lover moan.

    And Moan she did, in her more reserved way, falling back and sitting on the bed. Kva cupped her partners breasts from her sitting position, kneading them in her hands.

    Titania's moans were muffled as she continued, until a thought popped into her head. Releasing Kva's nipple with a *pop*, the Thrope soon entwined her tongue with her lover's before gently pushing her down onto the bed.

    "Reversing the roles now are we? Alright, l'll allow it..." Kva looked up at her with a grin, laying back.

    "Well, I’ve got to make it more interesting for you somehow..." She replied, a mischievous smile on her face. Her hand snuck its way into her pants to continue its strokes, but did it a bit faster. Her free hand, however, went back up to the Fencer's breast and began to gently massage it, occasionally rubbing her nipple with her thumb.

    "Mmm... Your hands are so precise... Mmm... Faster..." She huffed out, her breathing quickening.

    Her hands indeed went faster, as she leaned in and licked her Kva's neck, before her lips settled firmly on the Dhampire's. With a mischievous smile, she plunged a couple fingers into her lover's opening.

    Kva gasped, taking a hand of her own and penetrating the Thrope in return.

    Titania let out a mix between a moan and a gasp, not expecting her lover's immediate reaction. Deciding now was the perfect time to test out her idea, her hand began to speed up until it blurred, vibrating softly as her fingers slipped in and out.

    "Ah!" Kva actually let out a high pitched cry, Titania able to break her composure. "That's... Goodmmn..."

    The vibrations intensified, as Titania kissed her cheek. "Good Dhampy... Do you want me to make it better and more pleasurable?"

    Kva looked off to the side for a moment, understanding why Titania enjoyed this so much. "Y-Y-Yes..."

    Her free hand blurred and moved between Kva's breasts, playing with them both. Her other hand soon disappeared as the vibrations became more intense, the Dhampire's button being played with at an incredible speed. Titania aggressively took Kva's mouth with her own, invading it with her tongue in a passionate kiss.

    "Ah! Ah! Ah!" The Pleasure was too much for her to keep her moans in any longer, "I-I'm... C-Caahah...mminng..."

    Titania slowed down, grinning at her own teasing gesture, but kept her lower hand entering her lover's honeypot.

    "Ahnn... You... You're terrible..." Kva whined embarrassingly, squirming slightly.

    "I am... for today. I might even do this again if I'm feeling very evil..." Titania teased as she took her hand out from Kva's pants, licking the fluid off of it. With a brief moment of watching her lover squirm, she lowered the Dhampire's pants and kneeled, before her tongue lolled out. She took a few hesitant licks, gauging how much Kva liked it before plunging her tongue inside.

    She clenched her fist, taking her other hand and placing it on her head. "Titania! Mmmmyees!"

    The Thrope's tongue scoured all over inside her lover, tasting every inch of her, while occasionally coming back out to flick her lover's button. "Mmm.."

    Reaching her limit quickly, she climaxed loudly, coating the Warrior's throat with lubricating fluid. "Hah... Hah... That was... Certainly a new experience..."

    Moving back so she could talk, she offered a seductive smile. "I could keep going if you wanted me to..."

    "Don't I get to pleasure you?" Kva sat up, rubbing Titania's face.

    "If that's what you want... I can never say no to that face." Titania stood up and stood still, letting Kva do whatever she wanted.

    Kva grabbed her wrists firmly, picking her up and laying her on the bed, holding her down. It was then that a brilliant idea flashed into her head, a devilish way to get back at her. "I have something I can try with my magic too... I promise it won't hurt..."

    "I trust you. It'll just make me do something to get back at you later, Dhampy." She flirted, a shy smile on her face.

    Placing two fingers inside Titania's slit, Kva quickly pushed her mana into them, the fingers black with energy. Suddenly strange sensation overtook the Wolf, her nethers flooding with blood, causing the area to become unbelievably sensitive, like when she was dazed last time. Except this time, she was fully aware to comprehend the increase in its entirety. All the while Kva pushed her fingers in and out teasingly slow, grinning down at her puppy.

    Titania moaned loudly, as she tried not to squirm too much. "Mmn... it seems I have... Ahh... much to learn..."

    "I'm not even started yet..." Kva curved her fingers, pressing them in faster and harder.

    Titania squirmed from the attention, unable to hold back her moans from the intense pleasure.

    The Dhampir grasped one of Titania's legs, pushing it up as she removed her fingers, instead quickly getting into position and rubbing their openings together. Meanwhile, Kva took her other hand back to her partners breast once more, teasing her nipple with her thumb.

    The Thrope tried to stifle her cry of pleasure with her hand, grinding her hips into Kva's with a lustful force behind it.

    Kva leaned down, running a tongue slowly up Titania's stomach as she continued to grind.

    "Mmm... A-almost... ahn..." Titania moaned out, the pleasure beginning to become too much.

    Kva was starting to get close again as well as she started grinding harder and faster, moving her arms to instead firmly but not uncomfortably hold Titania down by the wrists.

    Letting out a cry, the Thrope shuddered, her orgasm splattering her partner's hips. Despite this she kept going, eager to make Kva climax as well.

    Crawling up Her Lover's body as she got even closer, she pressed her tongue into Titania's mouth as she finished. As her climax ended, she slowly pulled away from her kiss, a string of saliva connecting their lips.

    Wrapping her arms around Kva, Titania merely tried to get her breathing under control before she spoke, expecting to stutter or say something stupid. After a moment, she almost inaudibly whispered, "... Love you."

    "Love you too..." The Elf laid her head on Titania's shoulder, smiling lightly.
  3. Dahlexpert

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    Jun 23, 2013
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    The fallowing is a colabe between Dhalexpert&Frostlich1228

    11:53 AM

    Elma finished her studying and came down out of her room. "Mum, i'm heading to the farm to get Sam want to see if I can get some vegetables for you or anything?"

    "No Elma but I apericate it, your also still trying to tame that Stalin you bought?"

    "I'm getting there, he's no longer restless around me anymore so i'm making progress no I just have to put a settle on him."

    "Ah well good luck with that, but while you’re out think you could pick up more wine for me dear?"

    "Yea sure." Elma left the inn and traveled to the farm, by coincidence it wasn't far off by the Have brook guild and a open field. Elma traveled through the field and saw a green haired woman laying in the grass." Um hi there what are you doing all the way out here?"

    Sylvie sat up, looking around before locking her eyes on Elma. "Oh... I'm just relaxing... It's been a long month for all of us I think..."

    "Us? Ou you must be form the guild as well then, weird I haven't seen you before are you new as well?"

    "Um... No. No I am not." Sylvie blinked. "How have you never seen me before? I have green hair..."

    “You seen the guild house I’m sure there are people you don’t see, after all we all find our little group of people to hang around and we stick with them. But we’re are my manners I’m Elma and you are?”

    "Sylvie... You're... Charter's Sister, right? I think that's right..." The Huntress doubted herself for a moment.

    “Yea I try not to use our family last name much, but what are you doing all the way out here?”

    "Just... Relaxing in nature... My Baby has been crying all day ever since we beat Tecunte..." Sylvie sighed, sitting up. "I've been taking care of her by myself since the fight and it's been exhausting..."

    “You have a baby, well congratulations on having her I’m sure you and your husband are enjoying it even though it looks exhausting. Makes me real happy I’m living at the.”

    "Not Husband yet... We still need to go through the ceremony I think...?" She questioned. "What are you doing out here though?"

    “Me there’s is a farm nearby, my wolf helps the farmers scar off rabbits coyotes the usual scavenger. I also bought a horse from them, and I usually around this time try to break him in want to join me?”

    Sylvie slightly scowled at her. "Break him in? Why would you break a horse?"

    Elma rolled her eyes.” I mean get him used to me and let me ride him instead of him throwing me off.”

    "Oh... We don't really have ride animals where I'm from..." Sylvie pointed out, used to still misunderstanding some things about life outside the forest. "I feel like instead of brute forcing it I would be better to try and form a bond with the animal..."

    “That’s What I’m doing, I’m letting the hours run around for a bit while I have him on a lasso, I feed him brush him all that good stuff till he’s comfortable around me.”

    "I guess that works... Although maybe I shouldn't judge, I'm not exactly a horse expert..." The Forest Girl stated.

    “I’m not much ether, I spent time around horses but the we’re already tamed.” As the duo made their way to the farm Sam rushed to Elma and jumped on her.

    Sylvie looked on, smiling slightly. "A Friend of yours?"

    “My pet dire wolf, Character gave him to me as a gift when he was a few months old.” A old man came out of his house and looked at Elma.

    “Ah Elma your still trying to tame that stallion?”

    “Of course I am, he’s should be getting used to me by now.”

    “Well he won’t let others near him except you so I say its working.”

    “Ou really Hum, hay Sylvie care to join me?”

    "Well... I do have a sort of way with animals." The Huntress replied, nodding.

    "Great, I can't wait for you to meet him." Elma walked to a closed off fence with a yellow horse, Elma leaped over the fence and slowly and grabbed a rope. She tied the rope to make a small circle and threw it around the horse, the horse didn't run around like it usually did. "Hum weird normally he be running around like crazy."

    "I'm a kind of animal whisperer..." The Huntress said, walking over and gently rubbing the horse's muzzle.

    “Hum well ain’t that convenient, watch him for just a moment.” Elma went to the barn and grabbed a Seattle and gentle put it on the horses back.” Ok are you like talking to him?”

    "Not right now... But if I do, he should understand me." Sylvie replied, looking back over at Elma.

    “Hum can you give me a minute.” Elma went back to the barn and pulled out what looked like straps.” Alright big guy this won’t hurt you I promise.” Elma put the bridle into the horse’s mouth and mounted him.” Huh this is new, I’m on his back and he’s not going crazy?”

    Sylvie pressed her head against the horse's cheek lightly, rubbing him. "It's okay... We're your friends..."

    The horse slowly walked around the stable, Elma slowly lowering her guard with the horse." Hay Sylvie you said you had a baby right, did you meet someone at the guild or were you pregnant before joining to get away and seek protection?"

    "The Latter actually. I met my husband at the Manor." The Green-Haired woman answered, looking up at her.

    "Huh that's nice to hear, my brother found his future wife at the manor as well. It fells nice to see so many people finding happiness in this horrible time, Hay Sylvie are you worried about what has been happening with the manor? I mean with the demons and the gods getting involved."

    "The Gods seem helpful so far... But... They seem like a fickle bunch... And Demons... Demons are never good news..." The Huntress shook her head.

    "Yea you know when I joined this guild, I just wanted to be around my brother I knew I would have to kill but I never imagine this. Fighting demons and giant monsters sometimes I feel like I made a mistake joining this guild."

    "I suppose I can understand why this might be... Overwhelming..." Sylvie nodded.

    Elma nodded her head and patted her horses head." But After all the mistakes I made, me being responsible for Eraqus limbs being cut off, the incident with Jay. I fell horrible for all of that, but I'm learning and I’m getting better every day and hopefully I will be able to show my face back at the guild."

    "Era-" She shook her head. "What... 'Incident' with Jay?"

    "I screwed up, his staff was coming at me I launched my ice magic at it and when it broke corruption poured out of it. I thought he was bluffing about it, but he was telling the truth I also said somethings to him I shouldn't have said and I wish I could take it all back."

    "What... Did you say...?" Sylvie raised an eyebrow at her.

    "I said I screwed up, I insulted my teacher and I wish I could take it all back but I can't. That's why I'm not going back to the guild." Elma got off the horse and looked at Sylvie."I screwed up but I'm training out here getting better at my magic, why does Jay mean something to you or Eraqus?"

    "Uh... No..." The Huntress shook her head adamantly. "I've... Never met him before."

    "It's a shame, Eraqus was a good man and I fell responsible for his death. If it wasn't for that damn crystal taking over my mind I would have never have crippled his legs, and I would have destroyed that crystal instead of him losing his arm to it." Elma said sitting on the ground.

    "That's not fair. Even if that is how it happened Eraqus sacrificed himself for us of his own accord... It was his own decision. You can't blame yourself for that." The Neren'Tevan countered quickly.

    “Why not he had a metal limb because of me, a limb he wasn’t used to. He couldn’t fight properly or us his magic because of me, it’s still my fault if he had both his limbs and not one made of metal he probably still be around now.”

    "That's stupid." Syl put her foot down. "He was fighting fine. That had nothing to do with it. He chose to die so we could defeat Tecunte."

    “Still doesn’t erase the guilt though, I’m guessing this is what’s called survivor guilt I’m guessing something in my gut just keep telling me that it’s my fault.”

    "You know, if he blamed you... Really blamed you. He would've had Ms. Havenbrook remove you from the guild, but he didn't, he didn't even hold a grudge." Sylvie reassured her. "And even though I didn't know him all that intimately, I know He and your Brother wouldn't want you to beat yourself up over it..."

    “Yeah you’re probably right, I know right about now Character would hug me and try to in course me and all that. I still wish I could apologize to him though, I said something things I wish I could take back is all.”

    "He's family. That kind of bond isn't so easily broken." The Healer smiled.

    “Yeah family, I have to admit this hunter this is no joke but admittedly I have become a much braver and stronger person since joining this guild.”

    "I like to think we all have since coming here." Sylvie added.

    “Hum hay thanks for talking to me Sylvie, I really do appreciate it I think all I need to do was vent about my problems.”

    "Don't mention it." She waved it off. "Although you seem like you have some apologizing to do. Jay's a reasonable guy... If a little moody sometimes... I think he'll understand."

    "Ugh Yea I should apologize to him at some point, thanks for the talk Sylvie. Though I’m still goanna live at the inn for a little while, felt great working as a mercenary. Being on my own hunting bandits and monsters and protecting people, I see why my brother refused to be a knight now."

    "Well... I guess with Tecunte out of the way... Just, be careful." The Huntress warned.

    "Don't worry I've been training like I never been for the last few weeks, but thank you for the concur. It was great meeting you Sylvie."

    "And you too." Sylvie gave her a wave before making her way back towards the manor.
  4. Insane Darkness

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    Insane Darkness and Black0ut present...
    New Possibilities

    Light glared off of the emblem etched into the blade. Faith stared at it, not too sure what to feel. A drop of blood that wasn’t there before caught her attention, most likely from when she had to protect Havenbrook Manor. The Duck Thrope took her sleeve and wiped it away carelessly, sheathed the weapon and gently placed it by her bedside. I’m still not used to fighting with Titania’s shortsword… she thought, memories of the emotional hand-me-down fluttering to the surface.


    Murmurs penetrated through the door that separated Jay from the rest of the Guild. Faith stood next to said door, knocking lightly. “Hello? C-can I come in-n?” she whispered, slightly louder than her usual voice. When no one responded, she opened the door slowly, tiptoed into the room and silently closed the door. More murmurs came from one of the two beds in the room and a male figure laid on their back upon one of them, clad in a loose-fitting t-shirt and tight-fit pants. Without even hearing what he was saying, Faith knew that he wasn’t having a good dream. She quietly and slowly made her way over to him before crouching down, blowing a light wind through his hair. A smile spread across her face, as she was happy to feel like she was taking care of someone for once. Her glance led to his exposed collarbone, however, which had writing branded into his skin. She quickly placed a hand on the ground behind her body to stop herself from being physically thrown backwards at the realization of Jay’s past. The sound her hand made made her flinch, not expecting the action to be as loud as it had been.

    The Light Elf’s eye opened, revealing an empty hole where it had once been. He slowly got up and turned to stare at Faith. “...Y’know… There’s this thing called you wake me up and don’t stare at me while I sleep. Makes me more amicable when I talk to you.” He stated quietly, closing his normal eye and seemingly peering at her with his empty socket of an eye.

    Tears streamed down Faith’s face, which she quickly tried to cover by moving into the fetal position, throwing her hood over her head with her magic. “I...l’m sorr-rry…” Faith choked, feeling like she had been giving him disrespect that she hadn’t intended to give.

    Magic picked the girl up and spun her to face him. “As my pupil, please… I know you have a hard time dealing with something unless you’re like how you are now, but… please stop. I’ll teach you better ways to deal with your anxiety. Now… why are you crying?”

    “You… You were-re a slav-ve…” Faith whispered, finding it hard to respond while dealing with her emotions and being in midair.

    Setting her down, he groaned. “I know your shyness is overwhelming, and probably what you feel for me… so it’s time to spar. You’ll be able to get your thoughts out better. Fifteen seconds to get ready should be enough.”

    Faith slowly pushed herself up, her limbs weak with sadness. She got her feet under her body, which helped to push herself upwards and steady herself. She brought the sleeve of her robes to her face, wiping away the tears that ended up being replaced with more tears and even more sniffles. With one final sniffle and her cheeks completely dry, she stood tall, forcing her hood off of her head as she stared into Jay’s singular eye. “O-okay… Let’s do this.”

    Water orbs formed and only a couple flew at Faith, not going their normal speed. “So, explain yourself, now that your adrenaline is flowing.”

    The water orbs seemed to explode for no reason as Faith exhaled a breath she took as Jay asked her to speak. “I feel as though I’ve disrespected you up until now. I’m sorry…”

    “And how is that?” Jay asked, crossing his arms as more orbs appeared behind him.

    “I didn’t know your past. If I’d known you were a slave, I’d… have given you more respect…”

    “What does that have to do with respect? Respect is earned, not given. You trusted me to teach you not because I was a slave, you trusted me because we fought and had an argument. That is more respectful to me than respect just tossed at me like a handout. You are here to train not because you wish to learn from a slave. You come here to train with me because I am a Master of Magic.” He replied, his voice booming in the small room. “Am I wrong, Faith Regallis?!”

    “I… I’m no Regallis if I can’t even sympathize with your pain!” Faith yelled, stamping her foot in time with the water orbs’ explosion.

    “You are a Regallis! Is Titania not your mother? Are you telling me you’ve been fooling us all this whole time with how you treat her? No, you are a true Regallis, not by blood, but by honor and creed! And hell if you can’t sympathize with my pain! I would not wish slavery on anyone, nor would I wish you to cry over it. I don’t care anymore and neither should you.” Sancros’ voice boomed once more, as light orbs flew over his head to form a giant hand which floated down towards her as if in a handshake. “Titania doesn’t fully understand, and she will never get close to understanding. So, stop thinking you need to correct a fault you perceive to be of your own, or you will end up offending me.”

    “Okay… I’m sorr-rry…” Faith curled up on the floor once again, making even more mistakes in a row than usual and feeling embarrassed because of it. Her hood floated its way back onto her head, securing her into her safety robe.

    The hand dissolved into many orbs of light, which lifted Faith up once more so Jay could look at her. “Stop. Please. I’d rather you be confident and pissed off at me, than… this. As a Regallis, you need to show more backbone and if you need to, just speak Elven and talk normally and have someone translate for you.”

    “My backbone is-s hollow, Mist-ster Jay…” Faith replied, trying her best to make a joke that held multiple meanings.

    “Faith. I'm more shy than most people around here, along with the fact I don't like to show emotions because people took advantage of that in the past. I can teach you how to be more confident of yourself. Would you like that?”

    “I don’t thin-nk it’s something that c-can be fixed…” Faith’s cocoon seemed to shrink with her words. “I’m just… not the bes-st at socialization…”

    “Then we practice socialization as part of your training. Look… wouldn't it be nice to talk to your mom without stuttering?”

    Tears ran down Faith’s cheeks once more, the mention of her mom bringing back memories before Titania, her real mother. “My mom is-s... dead…” she choked out, a tear falling from inside the hood to the floor.

    “Do you know who did it?” Jay asked, his voice becoming quiet.

    “M-my father, I think-k… But he was-s a good dad… But… he suddenly… changed… one day…” Faith ominously mumbled.

    “‘You think’? How do you know she's dead?” He asked gently, trying not to make her clam up.

    “He… attack-cked me and… my mother sa-sacrificed herself for-r me…” Faith lifted a throwing knife from her pouch. “Thes-se were hers…”

    “There could still be a chance since you didn’t see her die. How about this: if you agree to learn how to be more confident and actually try, I’ll investigate what happened. Should I find anything… I'll send Titania and you with a fair chunk of money to Neren’teva.”

    “I, uh… I don’t kn-now… I guess… I will try…” Faith lifted her hood after she sheathed the throwing knife, her tears dried up and looking at Jay curiously. “So… when-n are we starting th-the new training reg-gimen?”

    “Tomorrow. I think you may be better suited, for now, to seek Titania out for affection.” Jay replied, lowering her down to the ground as his orbs dissipated.

    “If y-you say so…” Faith’s feet landed softly on the ground as she turned to leave.

    “Faith… take care of yourself. And… here. I had Ed make this for you.” A water orb approached the girl with an object as the Light Elf went to the restroom, locking the door with an audible click. As the orb laid its possession on the ground, what the object was revealed itself: an amulet of silver engraved with Titania’s crest.

    Faith leaned down and gently picked up the amulet, closing her eyes as she pulled it towards her chest and stood up simultaneously. “Thank you, Jay…” she mouthed, before looping it around her neck and securing it under her robes before noticing that the amulet had a slit between the top and bottom of it, hinting that it had other functions. She quickly pulled the amulet back out of the robes, glanced at what was inside, smiled, then closed the amulet and returned it to its hiding place before walking out of the room, intent on finding Titania’s whereabouts.


    The deer ran, its silver predator right on its hoofs. However, within moments the wolf, who wore a t-shirt and some baggy pants, had bitten its hind leg, dropping it to the ground with a mighty thud. The wolf moved from its leg to its stomach and tore into it with ruthless abandon. From the treeline, other wolves began creeping out, eager from the smell of fresh blood. They grouped up on the dead deer as soon as the silver wolf left it. It walked back towards its home and laid down next to a familiar sight: a well-taken care of grove.
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    New Possibilities
    Part 2

    Two webbed feet landed on the wolf’s head, soon disappearing as the duck they were attached to laid down. The duck quacked on top of the wolf, not one of challenge or anger, but one of compassion.

    The wolf nearly snapped at the duck, before merely growling at it. The canine got up and began walking, making sure to keep its head balanced for the duck. The wolf let out a whine as they continued on their way due to the stress in its neck, but didn’t toss the duck off. After arriving at the edge of the Havenbrook Manor, the wolf laid down again, waiting for the duck to move.

    The duck ruffled its feathers slightly before sinking down further into its feather cocoon and closing its eyes. A small breeze washed over the two, making its way through the winding crevices between the duck’s feathers and the wolf’s hair. The duck leaned its head down to nuzzle its beak into the wolf’s scalp in affection.

    The wolf’s tail slowly started to wag, obviously happy. Then, the wolf slowly started to transform into a fairly short, white-haired warrior with a braided ponytail. “So… we’re going to have to talk about you coming to find me when I’m hunting in my wolf-form…”

    The duck quacked in irritance before pushing itself off of Titania, transforming back to its frail, small-statured humanoid form from under the pile of clothes it left behind a tree a small distance away. “I… wanted to show you s-something.” Faith quickly reached for the amulet under her robes, removing it from her neck and cupping it in her hands in front of her.

    Titania looked shocked for a moment before a thought hit her mind. “Remembered what my house emblem looked like on my sword, huh? Well, I was planning on getting Ed to make a sword for you, but I suppose that works too.”

    Faith’s eyebrows shot up, before she looked at the ground, her mood turning more towards depression than surprise. “I don’t deserv-ve that… I’m… not deserving of something that sp-special… I barely deserve this-s...” She slowly returned the amulet to its hiding place, lowering her head further to do so.

    Titania sighed, and looked up at her daughter. “You do. You’ve come so far from the scared teen that I first met. You’re strong, brave, and courageous. You’re more than qualified to share my name as a Regallis, and deserve to have a new blade, than the crappy one you have.”

    Faith unsheathed the blade in question, noticing the slight marks and scratches that lined it, as well as the blood stains that never washed out. “I wouldn’t kn-know how to manage it…” Faith argued, sheathing the blade once more and leaving it at her side.

    “Then I’ll teach you how to maintain a blade.” Titania answered simply, not budging on the subject.

    “I’m not worthy… I… I’m just imposing on y-you…” Faith mumbled, trying to find other ways to put herself down.

    Titania walked over and picked up Faith, peering into her eyes. “You’re my daughter and I’ve been training you, right? I also was one of the first to welcome you into the Guild, if I remember correctly.”

    Faith quickly looked away from Titania. “That’s… not relevant-t…”

    “Answer the question, Faith,” Titania coaxed gently.

    “Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m anything close to being-ng a Regallis…” Faith grumbled, lifting her hood over her head to hide her emotions from the Wolf Thrope.

    Titania shook her head offering a sad smile. “You’ve put me on such a high pedestal that you can’t relate with me anymore.” She started, her smile dropping, “Yes, you’re a Regallis. Probably moreso than most of my kin. You are more close to the old-style of my House: Warriors unparalleled in strength and virtue, upheld by a strict codex of rules that they followed. And while that Codex may no longer exist, I think you would’ve done them proud. So… you are an exceptional Regallis, well-deserving of the name and station associated with it.”

    A singular tear slowly trailed Faith’s cheek, slightly visible from under the hood. “I’m just a… child… I... can-n’t…” The shorter Regallis lunged at Titania into a hug, gripping her tightly. “Thank you…” she croaked in Elven.

    “No… thank you, Faith. You’ve made me a far better person than I was… worthy enough to live up to my family name. So, thank you.”

    Faith leaned against Titania, tears falling down her face as she constantly repeated, “Thank you…” in Elven. Her heart ached as she clenched her teeth together in a smile of tears and happiness.

    “Hey… I got you a present… but I can’t give it to you if you keep saying thank you…” Titania said softly, rubbing Faith’s head as gently as she could.

    A few sniffles occurred from within the hood before a small, “Okay…” made its escape from the mix of happiness and sadness beyond the barrier.

    “One thing though: You have to close your eyes and you can’t open them until I say so, okay?”

    “I can-n’t see anyth-thing anyway-y…” Faith mumbled, before securing the hood further over her face to assure Titania that she really couldn’t see.

    Picking up Faith she ran in a circle, picking up speed incredibly fast, which was a useful trick her godly mother had taught her. Taking off in the direction of the Manor, she was in her room in under thirty seconds. Remembering that her daughter was not used to the force of her speed she asked meekly “A-are you okay?”

    The slight pains subsided as Faith responded with a weak, “I think so…”.

    “Sorry…” The older Thrope murmured sheepishly, as she set the teenager down on the bed. Grabbing her shortsword, she unsheathed the blade and inspected it for any damage or stains before returning the blade to its sheath. She then tied the leather strap onto Faith, then proceeded to lean on the nearest wall. “Open your eyes.”

    Faith’s eyes opened, revealing the room that wasn’t there before, but nothing else. “What? Wher-re is the present?” she asked before looking down. “O-oh…”

    “You needed a new blade. Can I trust you to take care of this one?” Titania asked, the thin hint of a smile forming on her face.

    Faith unsheathed the blade slightly, glancing at the emblem and the warped reflection of her face on the metal before looking in Titania’s direction, albeit slightly blocked by the hood. “But… don’t you need th-this?”

    “Nope. I have my longsword and I’ve realized I can’t fight well with that blade… but you could. Do… do you want it?” She asked hesitantly, unsure if Faith would decline or not

    “I-I mean… of course I wan-nt it… But… are you sure?”

    “I am very sure. You are my daughter, and I… don’t have many things I can give or teach you. I don’t even know how to do many things that are considered ’girly’… but this is something I can do for you. You’ll, uh, take care of that sword, right?”

    “Yes… of course I will.” Faith returned her gaze to the emblem on the blade, sheathing it once more.
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    Frostlich1228, “The Secret Pearl of Themosa City.”

    With Special Guest Star, Zombiesplitter!

    Poking his head up out of bed, Peacock rubbed his eyes, scratching his stubbly face lightly. The Railroad Leader leaned to the side, tapping his current bedmate on his shoulder. “C’mon Babe… Wake up… We have work to do…”

    James groaned. “I don't want to… Too stressful… Let's just stay in bed and let Phoebe handle it today…”

    “Wish we could, but… As it turns out people need us.” Peacock sighed, swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

    “Of course they do…” The Flamingo Thrope groaned, getting up with him as Peacock threw on his signature leather jacket.

    Pulling on a pair of pants quickly, Peacock made his way out of the room, Fancypants trailing behind a ways. After a few minutes of walking through their cramped underground room to the hall, the passage opened up, revealing a surprisingly developed base of operations. Papers, Maps, and Reports hung everywhere, pinned to various boards and connected to each other via string. On the opposite side was a lab, flasks, beakers, and vials stood on tables, however near them were long cots, some occupied by injured agents… And there were a lot more of those these days…

    Phoebe, the Slug Thrope, worked meticulously, despite her lack of eyes, her antennae wiggling lightly instead, picking up small movements around her. She quickly locked onto the fact that Peacock had entered the room, and made her way over to him. “Abel, James. It's good to see you finally up.”

    “Yeah.” Abel Dean replied, a name he only ever heard here, by her or James, and even they couldn't say it in public. “What do you got for us today, Doll?”

    Phoebe scrunched her mouth slightly, “Well, we finally got all the slaves we freed from Masterwork over to the Hq, it'll take them a while to find homes outside Themosa willing to take them, but we'll find them places or people to stay with.”

    “Good. I take it they're in the Dining Hall getting a good meal?” The Leader nodded.

    “Of course. They are being given the best treatment after everything that foul Netzi put them through…”

    James looked off to the side. “Speaking of…”

    “Yeah.” Peacock agreed. “How is he?”

    “He's… Being very quiet. He's answering all our questions to the best of his ability, with it I've been able to put together some pretty detailed information on slave hotspots, transit centers, times they are typically moved, delivery paths… All extremely useful stuff.” Phoebe answered, looking back towards another offshoot tunnel in the back of the room.

    “I see, well at least he's being cooperative… As long as he gets us what we need to know he can sing campfire songs for all I care…” Peacock waved off.

    “There's… One more thing I wanted to bring to your attention... “ The Slug hesitated slightly.

    Abel raised an eyebrow. “Yeees?”

    “We… Found a child… Before we left and while you were dealing with that… Robot… Dragon…” Phoebe raised a fist to her mouth, clearing her throat. “We found a little Thrope Girl…”

    Peacock put his head in his hand. “Please for the love of the gods tell me he didn't experiment or put one of those fucking collars on her…”

    “Thankfully no, she was unharmed… Given what Marc’s daughter told us, she's likely one of his Orphan acquires.” Phoebe seemed as relieved as he was, despite knowing already.

    “How old is she?” Fancypants chimed in.

    “Nine. She hasn't even developed her affinity yet.”

    Peacock shook his head, “Let me guess… We can't find her parents, can we?”

    Phoebe shook her head, cueing James to respond. “So… We need to find her a foster family out of country… Dammit… The Worst combination…”

    “Yeah… Thank-” Peacock was cut off by his scientist friend however.

    “Wait… There's… A little more to it…” She stated, clasping her hands together in front of her. “She… Keeps asking for someone by name. Whenever we try to talk to her, she just says she needs to find Eliza… She won't talk to anyone but Eliza.”

    “Eliza, huh? Let me go talk to her…” Peacock sighed, allowing Phoebe to lead her to a room that was an offshoot if the main eating area.

    Stepping into a small bedroom with rock walls, they saw the girl. Despite the slightly claustrophobic feel, it was surprisingly well furnished with clean beds, soft chairs, even a box of toys and a table to play on.

    Sitting at the table was the girl, a small rubber dragon toy in her hand as she made it 'walk’ along the table by tilting it side to side. She was wearing a set of brand new clothes the organization had provided for her and her dark brown hair was done up, held together with a small pin. Her face was round and her features soft, they even provided her some makeup, soft pink lipstick and dark eyeliner, which she had happily applied.

    Walking up and crouching next to her, Peacock gave her a smile. “Hey Sweetie, My name is Peacock… How are you?”

    She looked up, innocence in her eyes. “P-Peacock…?”

    “I know, kinda a silly name right?” He chuckled.

    “I… Do you know where I can find Eliza? I need to find Eliza…” The Little Girl shook her head.

    “I'll help you find Eliza, okay? Just tell me who she is…” Abel assured her.

    “N-No… I'm not supposed to talk… Not until I find Eliza… Do you know anyone named Eliza?”

    “Mmm…” He grumbled, choosing his words. “All I need is your name, I promise I won't hurt you okay? We saved you from the tower, we want to help…”

    “You… do…?” She looked down, then back up. “My name i-is Pearl… I'm nine years old…”

    “Pearl is a pretty name.” He smiled. “Y’know, Eliza is a pretty name too. Who is Eliza? Do you know?”

    Pearl simply shook her head. “My… My Mom told me… That whenever I am lost… i should look for Eliza…”

    “And that's all you know?” Peacock confirmed.

    After a moment, she gave him a sad nod. “It's important… I need to find Eliza.”

    “Alright Shortstack, I'll check in with you in a bit. We’re going to find Eliza for you.” He patted her on the head gently, stepping out of the room and reconvening outside with James and Phoebe, not in earshot of the door, of course.

    Phoebe seemed hopeful, “Well, did she tell you anything?”

    “Not much more than what you got from her. She says that her Mom told her to look for Eliza when things got bad…” Abel explained simply.

    “Maybe… We should ask Merce. He bought her, maybe he knows where we can find her parents… Rescue them.” Phoebe brainstormed.

    James sighed, “I guess it's worth a shot. He’s been cooperative this far…”

    “Fine…” Peacock grumbled. “Let’s all of us go.”

    Walking as a group, they quickly made their way through a few of the living spaces for their newly rescued slaves and agents, stopping at a large wooden gate. Standing in front of it was Cancer, the Crab Thrope, with a nod, the crab used his strength to pull on a large, thick rope, lifting the gate up in the process. Wrapping the rope around a hook, Cancer motioned for them to enter, and they did.

    Inside, they came upon an empty, cold room, a large Iron cage with Marc inside sitting in the middle. The Cell was a repurposed slave cage, an ironic place for the Slave Trader be kept for sure, but it was merely the only thing they had available to cage him.

    Walking up, Peacock rapped on one of the bars to get the sulking man’s attention. “Hey. Netzi. Look alive, we have some questions for you.”

    He slowly turned his head to look over, his face was slightly gaunt, dark bags hung under her eyes, his fur was matted and untrimmed, obviously not having the same time to take care of himself. “Yes…? What is it…?”

    “We need to know about a slave. Little nine year old girl named Pearl.” Peacock interrogated, leaning his body on the cage. “We can't find her parents… You wouldn't happen to know where she is, do you?”

    “Yeah, and if you want any information on how your daughter is recovering, you'll let us know.” James cued in.

    “Please… You don't need to threaten me…” He gently floated up, taking a moment to think. “Pearl… Pearl, Pearl… Ah… Mmn…”

    “Spill it old man.” Peacock pressed.

    Marc looked down, “You won't find her Mother… At least, not with information from me. I sold her off a few years ago to another collector, who probably sold her off to someone else himself. I don't even remember her name.”

    Phoebe gave him a disgusted look before James chimed in again. “It wouldn't happen to be Eliza, would it?”

    “Eliza…?” He shrugged. “No idea. I never bothered to remember the name of any Thropes I sold off hand… I kept track of them with Sale Ledgers...”

    “Which would be in your Tower… Which is now a crime scene… Great…” The Railroad leader let out a long sigh.

    “Maybe… Maybe you should call the Fly…” He suggested.

    “Her name is Betty.” Phoebe stared daggers at him.

    “Why?” James asked before slowly remembering something. “Wait… Wasn't that little demon girl named Eliza?”

    “Well, It's a lead I guess…” Peacock looked over to the two of them, “Finish up here, I have a quick call to make…”

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    Suddenly, Mina’s specialized Projector glowed red like it had those times before, signalling she had a call from the Elusive organization.

    She rubbed her chin, wondering if it perhaps they were calling in a favor for their help. But were they the type to keep score? Probably not. Either way, she accepted the call, the Thrope leader appearing before her. “Didn’t expect to hear from you guys so soon.”

    “Yeah…” He rubbed his neck. “Neither did we honestly… How are the girls?”

    “Recovering. They are out of the worst of it, though Betty still has a sad look at times and Erin tends to be more fidgetty then before. How’s, um…” Mina waved her hand in thought. “...the crew?”

    “Fine, we were able to rescue a lot of Thropes this month… Mostly due to the resistance and the Demon attack that was repelled…” Peacock explained. “It's left a lot of chaos.”

    “I bet.” Mina’s eyes darkened. “How’s the weasel?”

    “Cooperative. Hell, I'd even say helpful. But he only seems to talk when we want him to, any other time he just sulks… Honestly, I kinda find it hard to care…” The Bird Thrope shrugged lightly.

    “I wouldn’t.” Mina leaned against her desk. “So what can I do for you? You don’t seem the type who has time for social calls.”

    “You would be right… We found a young Thrope girl in Merce’s Tower, she's safe, but we have no idea where her parents are or their names.” He summed up the situation. “She wants to find someone named Eliza, she says she won't talk to anyone else… And well, the only Eliza I know is here. I figure it's worth a shot, she was at the tower when we we there.”

    “She was… though I don’t think she had time to meet anyone.” Mina tapped her foot in thought. She was sure she heard of another Eliza around the time the demon girl was born, but it wasn’t coming to her. “Well, um… I could get our Eliza. Even if it isn’t her, which I’m sure it isn’t, maybe the girl will talk to another kid… maybe?”

    “Try to get Betty and Erin too, if they're up for it… Marc suggested we talk to them about it…” He added quickly.

    Mina nodded, raising her finger for him to wait and walking out. She returned quickly with the three in tow, no hesitation from them when she told them who it was. They walked into view, most looking curious, though the demon girl looked confused. How did she know her? “Good day,” Erin said. “We never got to properly thank you.”

    “Thank me? Don't mention it, it's literally what we do, babe.” He smiled.

    “Zhat doesn't mean you don't deserve Thanks, if anyzhing, that means you deserve it even more.” Betty countered.

    “Well… I appreciate that.” The Railroad Leader replied sincerely. “Now… On why I called you here… while you were getting them, I was getting… Her!”

    Peacock placed a hand on her back, helping her step forward and appear in the projection. “This is Pearl.”

    Eliza smiled and leaned forward. “Hello Pearl. My name is Erin. It is a pleasure to meet you, little one. How old are you?”

    “Um… I am nine years old.” She held up the corresponding number of fingers. “Do… Do you know where I can find Eliza?”

    “Well… we know where you can find someone named Eliza.” Erin motioned for Eliza to step forward.

    The demon girl waved her hand awkwardly. “Uh… h-hi, Pearl.”

    “H-Hi… But… I don't think you're her…” She said sadly.

    Peacock sighed, “Well… I guess I figured… Sorry for wasting your time Betty and-”

    The Little Girl’s eyes perked up. “You're Betty? And… Your eyes…”

    The Fly Thrope looked around. “Yes… I'm Betty… What about my eyes?”

    “M-May I see them?” Pearl asked.

    “Uh… Sure…” Betty removed her goggles for all to see and the little girl’s eyes grew even wider.

    “You're Betty!” She exclaimed.

    “Yes... I am Betty…”

    “My M-Mom! She always talked about a girl named Betty with big fly eyes!” She continued, cupping both her eyes with her hands.

    “Betty.” Erin stepped next to her. “Eliza. You mentioned you named her after someone you used to know, didn’t you?”

    Betty clenched her fists. “I… Z-Zhat Rat… He really did it… He enslaved her… He enslaved my friend… Of course she didn't just go missing one day…”

    Erin looked away. “Oh, Betty… I’m sorry.”

    Eliza frowned and looked at Pearl. “So you’re looking for you Amam?”

    “Eliza… Is my Mom's name? I just… I just called her Mom…” Pearl looked down.

    “It's pretty typical of Kids to not know their Mom’s name, especially not when they are young… And Marc did say he sold her years ago…” Peacock shook her head.

    “Pearl… Do you… Know who your Dad is?” Betty asked, but she just shook her head.

    Peacock closed his eyes, he knew exactly what that meant. Erin squeezed her fists in anger. She needed a moment to compose herself. “Now… now that you know her mother’s name, can you find her?”

    “We could follow the Papertrail, but it's got to be pretty cold by now… She… could've been moved any number of times…” Abel looked over at Betty. “Do you… Remember her affinity?”

    “She…” Betty sighed sadly, “She’s a Dog Thrope.”

    “That's… Not good…” Peacock responded honestly. “The um… cheaper the Thrope… The more vague and less accurate the papers tend to be… Dog is easily one of the most common in Themosa, You might be hard pressed to find any…”

    “So, what will be done with Pearl in the meantime?” Mina asked. “You don’t have the ability to permanently house another person, do you?”

    “Not forever no, especially with all the Slaves we just picked up… We can only bring so much through the tunnels every day without drawing attention…” Peacock admitted. “She needs a home, and she needs a family… But Orphan Themosan children are the hardest to relocate… The only real option is a Trustworthy Foster Family outside of the Country…”

    “We can take her,” Eliza suddenly said, and all eyes turned to her. “What? Her Amam is my Amam’s friend, so doesn’t it make sense. We can watch her until her Amam is found. It’ll… it’ll be like having a little sister…”

    “Zhat’s… A wonderful idea Eliza…” Betty knelt down. “I need to do whatever I can to fix what Marc has done… I owe it to my old friend too…”

    Eliza smiled. “So we can take her?”

    Erin rubbed her chin. “We’ll need bigger quarters then what I have… but as long as it is okay with the boss…”

    Mina chuckled. “How could I possibly refuse?”

    Betty stood up suddenly, wrapping her arms around Mina. “Zhank you…”

    Mina let out another small laugh, and patted her on the back. “You are very welcome.”

    Eliza leaned close to Pearl’s image. “You wanna come live in a big house with great food and a bunch of cool people while they look for your Amam?”

    Pearl looked forward, her frozen frown finally warming into a smile. “Yes…”

    “Zhen welcome to ze family Sweetheart.” Betty exclaimed happily.
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    Dahlexpert & Black0ut present:
    One's good, Two's a problem, Three is War.

    Havenbrook manor
    Training yard
    4:34 P.M.

    Charter was looking over his weapons deciding if he should take them all for the upcoming mission. “Hum I might need the crossbow, but the I won’t be able to carry as many potions then I’ll just leave my throwing knifes behind and my bow and just go with my sword shield and some poisons for the demons, I might want to look that up actually.”

    A silver wolf wearing iron armor slowly approached him, making almost no sounds as it did so. It paused as it neared him, and let out a loud howl.

    Charter looked at the wolf confused.” Well you're definitely smaller the wolves I deal with.” Charter extended his hand.” Come on Come here boy.”

    The wolf remained still, not moving towards the man, its eyes staring into his.

    “Hum alright then are you looking for something? I mean I don’t have And food on me, should have came earlier for that.”

    The wolf howled twice. For a few moments, nothing happened. Then a couple dozen wolves appeared in the distance, not moving in but making their presence known.

    Charter then stood up and whistled and nothing happened for a few minutes, until Slone leaped over the fence to his master’s side.

    He’s so predictable… "Hey, Slone!" The wolf said in a familiar feminine voice, the words turned into barks and woofs that Charter could not understand.

    “Ou you’re the wolf girl aren’t you.” Slone respond with a howl.

    Charter looked in confusion.” Um Slone what are you doing?”

    "Yeah... it's me, Titania. I kinda wanted to see how you were doing before I talked to Charter. How's the pack doing?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

    “Doing well, my mate has finally started to hunt with me again now that our kids are getting bigger. Some challenge my rule but there easily dealt with. Otherwise my family is doing well.” Slone tilted his head to Titania.

    "That's great! I'm happy for you, Slone! I hope life remains in your favor." She said cheerily, before her voice dropped in tone. "My pack's been busy guarding some different parts of the forest. As warning to you, something's hunting us, only taking one of my pack at a time. I haven't seen it, but... I've seen what it's done." She shuddered, a slight whimper popping out for Charter to hear.

    “What in the.” Charter grabbed his sword and shield.” Slone I don’t know what you’re do but hurry it up.”

    Slone looked to his master and back to Titania.” You might wanna Tell my master this, I’m sure he’ll love to help.”

    "Sure... But could you lead my pack away with you? They need a safe place to stay, and all of our safe spots are too... dangerous at the moment for us to stay there." She asked, tilting her head at the Human.

    “Yea I’ll take them to my pack for now, I’ll make sure there safe.” Slone lead the pack of wolves to the forest leaving Charter with the armored wolf.

    Titania slowly morphed back into her more human-ish form, glad that her armor hid her more feminine traits, as she hadn't worn any actual clothing to transform back into. "Hello, Charter. I'd appreciate it if you'd lower your blade."

    Charter put his sword back into its sheath." Titania it's been a while what brings to you me, you haven't talked to me since what the early weeks?"

    "Something like that. Mostly training the newer Hunters up into more intimidating fighters takes my time, but that's not why I had you summon Slone over. There is something in the woods that's killing and eating the wolves I have. Not much is left besides limbs and viscera. That... and it doesn't smell quite right. It smells like a wolf, but isn't. I was wondering if you'd help me track it down and kill it. So... will you help me?" The Thrope asked, a somewhat grim smile on her face.

    "I can never say no to a good hunt, it sounds like it could be a worgs or something close to it. Charter started to put his armor on." Right you can lead the way then."

    "Or I could carry you there in a matter of seconds." She offered, a shrug accompanying her words.

    “Well it would save us some time but how will you carry me?”

    "In my arms, of course. How else would I carry you?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “Yea no I have some pride, so I’ll just take one of the horses since Slone is taking care of your wolves.”

    "Hopefully that doesn't get you dragged to hell... and besides, why is the notion of me carrying you in my arms, a big deal? Are you just embarrassed about the thought of me even doing it?"

    "I need to keep some of my pride, and allowing me to be carried around like some captured bandit i'm not fine with. But more to the point yes it's just embarrassing and the type of god that watches me I don't want to upset him in any way."

    She frowned, raising an eyebrow. "Well, suit yourself, although I seriously doubt a God would dismiss you for being carried by a girl to an area in order to fight an unknown enemy." She replied, shrugging as she began to walk deeper into the forest.

    “Well when the god is one that takes in many warriors it would be embarrassing. So any what what are we hunting you said it’s wolf like but not a wolf?”

    "Yeah... only by smell, which limits what it could be. It could be a Worg, or... at the worst... it could be a Lycan. Think you can handle one of those?" She asked sincerely, curious as to what his answer would be.

    “If I can kill a giant I can handle a lycan besides it’s been way too long since I faced one of those, that’s a good thing.”

    "And it doesn't bother you, that if it is a Lycan, that it is somewhat similar to me?" She raised an eyebrow, offering a frown.

    “No because you don’t allow your inner beast to overcome you and poison your mind, this thing if it is a lycan is to far gone for help.”

    She stopped and turned. "I have. It's happened on multiple missions, and I've ripped my enemies apart. I just happen to be able to calm down usually... but then again earning a nickname like 'The Red Swordswoman' usually is indicative of being quite feral."

    “Hum or because you have so many people that cares for you that you always come back to normal.”

    "Could be... Although the number varies for who I consider a frien-" Titania started, going incredibly still as her ears twitched, signaling that she had heard something.

    “I know that look, so what are you hearing?” Charter pulled out his sword and looked around him.

    "Well... there's more than one... two, maybe three things... and they know we're here." Titania replied, her clawed hands curling into fists. "Really wish I had a sword right now..."

    Charter threw his sword to her.” I have a dagger besides can’t leave you all weapon less and have me do all the dirty work.”

    Catching it, she nodded, offering a cocky grin. "Can't let you have all the fun can I?"

    Upon her words, two worgs rushed them, their sharp teeth reflecting in the light. They attacked carefully making sure to not attack when the two Hunters were not swinging at them, instead keeping them pinned for something else it seemed.

    "Great look at them there stalling for there alpha, which means it's a bigger worg or something Else.” Charter pulled out his dagger and his shield, readying himself for the worgs.

    A monstrous roar ripped through the forest, causing the two worgs to immediately attack, their claws and teeth going for more vulnerable weak spots on the two.

    Titania's sword swung fast, disappearing as it sliced through one of the worgs' clawed paw, causing it to bite hard onto the sword while it's claw tore at the Thrope's arms, making a fairly shallow gash.

    Charter on the other hand used his shield to block the worgs teeth, he then thrusted his dagger many times into the Worg side. The worg then bit Charter’s shield and dragged it and Charter to the ground it then put its paw on his chest and try to bite Charter head, Charter put his shield into the Worgs mouth keeping it from biting Charter.
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    One's good, Two's a problem, Three is War. cont.

    Titania grimaced as the worg she fought slashed her side open, blood pouring out of the modest wound. Dammit... at this rate... their boss hasn't even arrived yet... and we're on the brink of defeat… unless... Titania thought grimly. Letting out a mixture between a howl and a growl, she sped her foot up and kicked the worg off of her blade. Moving quickly, she impaled the worg on the blade before lifting it off of the knight and tossing the worg at it's compatriot. Tossing the blade onto the ground near Charter, she began to gather speed, going slow to avoid worsening her wound. "Charter... buy me a few seconds... please..." She growled out, as she started building up speed.

    "Fine then." Charter retrieved his sword and looked at the worgs." Alright then guess I could stop messing around then." The two worgs Charged Charter, Charter ran to the worgs and used his shield as a fist and hit it across one of the worgs. The other charged Charter and Charter slid under it and thrusted his sword into one of his legs, and the other Charter slashed his sword across its eye.

    Titania seemed to disappear right as the wargs screamed in pain from Charter's attacks. Before long, large claw wounds appeared over the two, before a hand sized hole appeared in one of the Worgs as Titania reappeared. "Still think I'm defenseless without a weapon?"

    “No what you think I don’t hear rumors around the manor? I was being kind, though to be fair I was messing around with those worgs having some fun with them, but I guess I need to focus now don’t I after all the master can’t be to fat.”

    "Alright, 'master', why don't... you... umm... make that seven hostiles, Charter. And that's the biggest worg I've ever seen." She murmured as the rest of the group arrived, their hostile eyes sizing them up. The biggest one spoke in fluent Doloran, with a somewhat haughty, feminine attitude.

    "Charter and Titania... two of Havenbrook's most competent rookie fighters. Too bad I can't provide you more entertainment... if I hadn't sent the rest of my pack to slaughter your wolves, I might've given you a proper challenge." Nodding to one of the smaller worgs, she left, leaving the four smaller worgs to fight the duo.

    “Well my wolves won’t go hungry at least, se my dire wolf is protecting hers and my wolves are very good at killing worgs.” Charter poured what looked like red liquid on his sword, and raised his shield.

    "Right. There's too many wolves and direwolves for the worgs to handle. Plus... I could find where they were very quickly. And," She started casting her eyes over to Charter, "if I did so, I'd really appreciate it if you'd suck up your pride and let me carry there..." Blurring and moving at an incredible speed, Titania's claws raked their way across two of the worgs eyes, blinding them and turning their attention away from Charter.

    Charter then quickly thrusted his sword into the two worgs necks.” Ugh fine if it means that much to you, just make it quick.”

    Her claws reached under the two worgs she faced, and ripped their throats out, leaving a trail of viscera as they fell. "Not really important to me as it let's you and I protect our wolves." She murmured before picking him up. Within a few minutes of running in a circle, she blurred, bolting off with Charter at a ludicrous speed.

    Charter started to get dizzy from running in circles, and thanked the gods that he was wearing a helmet.

    After a couple minutes of searching the forest, they arrived to find the Direwolves and wolves fighting against the worgs in a bloody battle.

    “Get away from my wolves!” Charter charged in thrusting his sword into one of the worgs while Slone bit Down on its neck crushing it’s spine.

    Titania also leapt into the fray, attacking more carefully due to her pain her side caused her. Her claws pierced the underside of a worg's jaw, which dropped it to the ground, dead. She charged at another, pausing briefly to cast a brief glance at Charter.

    Charter used his shield to bash one of the worgs noses once stun he then used his sword to cut the beast throat. Another pounced on to Charter trying to bit his head. But Charter used his sword to block the bits of the worg leaving it open for charter to stab one of its eyes, and kick it off him having Slone finish it off.

    With lightning speed, Titania impaled a worg, throwing it at another of the large enemies. Running back to the dead worg who’s jaw muscles had been cut, she began prying open the worg's mouth, Titania ripped it's jaw off and used it as a weapon, bashing some of the worg's with the sharp teeth of their fallen packmate.

    Charter started slicing the jaws of the worgs, and slicing the heads clean off. As for his partner, Slone and his pack started biting down on the worgs removing there limbs ears and fur.

    The worgs, growing aware to their impending defeat, began a retreat that many of them were too weakened to follow away, as many of the wolves began dragging down and killing the larger beings.

    “Well at least I can get a few pelts out of this, still no sign of there leader think it ran off?”

    "It didn't engage us when we saw it, if that was it, but I think it just sized us up. Hopefully it doesn't come back." Titania replied, holding her side. "Although, I now doubt that either of our wolf packs are safe alone. We might need to keep them together in order to keep them safe."

    “Ugh I understand but for the moment.” Charter pulled out a red bottle.” Let me take care of that wound of yours, before it gets infected.”

    "I'll be fine, Charter. Demigods usually are. But thanks for the thought though." Titania replied sweetly, as she frowned at her now dirty and stained hands.

    “Well for now we should scout the area, don’t know if there still around watching us.”

    "Good point. My wolves could scout, but hopefully their attack weakened them enough that they won't come back for awhile. In the meantime... someone should tell Mina the news, and get her weapons." She murmured, before she started to walk off towards the Manor.

    Slone came from the side of her to give her balance.” No offense but you look like you could use the help.”

    "Those bastards are going to come back, Slone. Enough of them died so our packs should be safe... but they will come back. I think we should let the packs rest for a day before we go after them." She replied, Slone's fur slightly getting a tinge of red.

    “Don’t worry about my family, Charter will take care of them he will defend them through anything and everything that comes after us.” Slone looked at his master sitting on a rock sharpening his weapons.” And that’s why I follow him, he’s my father and he will protect my kids as if they were his own.”

    "Good... I won't be able to transform back into my wolf form. My wound is too deep. Might die if I try. I'll get some healing but we'll need to conduct a raid on those things..." She replied, gritting her teeth. "Can you keep my pack safe for the next few days? I need to heal up enough so I can join the fighting when we find those other wolves.

    “Of course and I’m sure Charter will give them extra training as well.”

    "That'll be good. Maybe we won't take as many losses then. Umm... how's your pack reacting to mine? I'd bet they weren't thrilled to see them."

    “That’s where my father comes in, he will keep my pack under control he’s been around them enough to keep them in check.”

    "Okay. I assume both of our packs will have to stay apart then." She murmured, putting her hand on the wound to staunch the blood flow.

    “You should really take that red water my master offered, Don’t know what it is but I makes people feel better.”

    "No. My wounds are minor, and he'll need it to defend you guys later. I can get someone to heal me, so I'll be fine, should I make it to the Guild... but you need to go. Charter will need you by his side in case the worgs come back."

    “I think you underestimate my master, see like you he can also be feral except he has more control over it.”

    "I'd rather be feral than to have control over it. My kills get more gruesome when I have control rather then when I don't. I don't think anyone wants to see me like that." She responded, a dark look passing over her face.

    “You will be fine, I know you will be fine you’re not a mindless beast even though you look like us.”

    The Thrope's mood brightened, causing her to smile and use her free hand to pet Slone's head. "Thanks. You're nicer than most of the so-called 'civilized' races... I'm glad to be able to call you a friend."

    “Same now think you can make it the rest of the way?”

    "I can. Take care of Charter, Slone. And take care of yourself." She said, continuing forward without his aid.

    Slone went back to his master and rubbed his head on his shoulder.” Ah that’s a good boy, Look Slone I will need to add some small defense here, you know just in case the come at night But I’ll leave your pack a few openings Alright?” Slone licked his master agreeing with him.” Alright then guess I need to get to work huh?” Charter got up and started chopping wood, while Slone laid down next to his family.