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Terra Dolor: Information, FAQs, & Character Bios

Discussion in 'Role Play & Story Discussion' started by ZombieSplitter53, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Black0ut

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    Feb 5, 2015
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    Name: Tarciferin ‘Tack’ Levin

    Age: 22
    Sex: Male
    Height: 2’8
    Weight: 42 lbs
    Eye Color: Plaid (jk, Light Brown)
    Fur Color: Grayish Brown
    Race: Netzi
    Country of Origin: Mirandia
    Magic Element(s):N/A
    Known Languages: Netzi, Elven, Doloran

    Primary Weapon: Fire Pitbull Construct
    Secondary Weapon: A Tiny Bow
    Armor/Attire: Leather armor

    Tack is fairly brutish looking with fur missing in places to show hideous scars, which range in size and type. His watch that he wears is faded and is held together by various bits of scraps, which is clunky by nature, and slows him down. He wears a pair of goggles over his head, which he flips down when he is in combat.

    Personality: A sweet guy by nature, Tack likes to be a rock for others who aren’t doing too well themselves, but seems to be a bit cold towards Light Elves for some reason, despite coming from a mixed country. He often makes fun of himself to make others laugh, and will use this as a way to make friends in a new environment.

    Born to a modestly wealthy family of engineers, Tack, at a young age, dreamed of doing more than just building things for a living like his family did. With the help of his older sisters they helped him build his construct, which he promptly named “F.P.” After, building it, his parents scolded him for the creation, believing it to be his own, and hid it from him. At the age of fifteen however, he began to get into carpentry, as he tried to fashion his own bow, with many, many unsuccessful attempts.

    After a couple years, he finally succeeded in crafting a bow for himself that would work for his diminutive size. After crafting up a multitude of arrows, he realized, he would need to learn how to make better quality arrows as his were crappy and inferior to the bigger races. Another year of toiling hard for his dreams brought the Netzi closer to his goal, and at the age of eighteen, he finally could make a full quiver of arrows, each having a mechanical purpose, as he had outfitted them with various traps and purposes to make up for the lack of strength he possesses as a Netzi.

    After finding a solution to the bow and arrow problem, his oldest sister provided him with the location of his construct. Within a month, the Netzi had left and joined a Hunter’s Guild. After two years of contracts, Tack had made himself an A-rank Hunter within the Guild, but after a mission gone wrong where he was the only survivor, he left the guild out of the pain he felt at not being able to save his comrades, and his then lover, Ashri. He traveled over to Neren’teva to find a new guild, but after several easy contracts, he left again, heading down into Serasam this time. After three years of working in Serasam as a Hunter-for-hire, Tack sought out a guild known as the Havenbrook Guild, which was renowned as a great guild to work at.

    A Fair Netting: One of Tack’s specialty arrows employs the use of small netting, not meant to entangle an opponent, but rather distract them and be a nuisance when wielding their weapons.

    Poison Shot: Another arrow out of Tack’s specialties employs crippling poison that is easily made and only slows a target down, giving them a lethargic state of being.

    Weighted Shot: Tack’s typical arrows are weighted, as the bow’s draw strength is severely limited and as a result, ineffective against even light armor. To counteract this, Tack’s arrows have weight going up and down the shaft of the arrow to give it more power when it connects with an enemy.

    Tack’s armor has a dog symbol on it.
    Tack has a dog plushie.
    Tack is obsessed with dog-related items.
    Tack just wants a dog...